Industrial Networking Ethernet & Cellula M2M: Products, Topologies & Glossary of Terms - 17 Pages

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Industrial Networking Ethernet & Cellula M2M: Products, Topologies & Glossary of Terms

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Industrial Networking Ethernet & Cellular M2M Products, Topologies & Glossary of Terms Ethernet Switches | Cellular M2M Routers | Wi-Fi Radios | Communication Converters

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A Message from the President Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Monitored Ethernet Switches Managed Ethernet Switches “As we bring Red Lion, N-Tron and Sixnet together, our promise to you is that we shall become a better company, and not just a bigger one.” 10 Advanced Managed Ethernet Switches 10 Mike Granby President, Red Lion Controls Please allow me to start by saying thank you to the thousands of customers all over the world who place their trust in the products and reputation of Red Lion, N Tron and Sixnet: We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you at even higher levels in...

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Unmanaged Ethernet Switches Red Lion’s unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches offer powerful network performance with plug-and-play functionality. With an endless range of port options, these unmanaged switches are set to tackle the demands of industrial data acquisition, control and Ethernet I/O applications. N-Tron Series 100, 300 & 500 Entry-Level Fast Ethernet (10/100) >> Compact, rugged design >> Compact IEEE 802.3 Layer 2 industrial switches >> Increases network bandwidth >> Duplex and cable sensing >> For use in mission-critical applications FAST ETHERNET Sixnet Series SL & SLX Fast...

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Monitored Ethernet Switches Red Lion’s monitored industrial Ethernet switches provide network performance monitoring with Modbus or N-View firmware. These rugged, compact switches are built for mission critical standards and provide a very low cost network monitoring solution that can be integrated directly into any industrial control system. N-Tron Series 300 & 500 Monitored Fast Ethernet (10/100) >> Offers high reliability >> Layer 2 unmanaged industrial switches >> Network performance monitoring via Modbus or N-View software >> Versatile networking solutions >> Plug-and-play operation >>...

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Managed Ethernet Switches N-Tron Series 700 & 7000 Managed Ethernet >> Outstanding management and monitoring features Red Lion’s rugged, reliable managed industrial Ethernet switches support industry-standard applications. Our hardened switches are ideally suited for harsh industrial environments where realtime performance under extreme operating conditions is required. Built-in redundancy and network management ensure communications stay up and running while providing tools for monitoring and tracking. >> Layer 2 Ethernet switches >> Fast Ethernet and Gigabit port options >> Rugged...

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Advanced Managed Ethernet Switches Red Lion’s advanced managed industrial Ethernet switches offer powerful enterprise-class networking with security options that prevent unauthorized access and enable policy enforcement. These powerful switches provide QoS traffic classification and sophisticated multicast controls, reducing traffic and ensuring real-time message delivery. The flexible industrial design is built to support the harshest environments. Power over Ethernet (PoE) >> Layer 2 and Layer 3 Ethernet switches >> Rugged, enterprise-class networking >> Advanced security features Sixnet...

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Wireless Networking Ideally suited for mission critical data acquisition, transportation and security applications, Red Lion’s N-Tron and Sixnet IP67 industrial switches are designed >> Rugged industrial design to meet or exceed rugged operating conditions. Industrially hardened IP67-rated I metal enclosures protect against dust and temporary water immersion while supporting >> P67 Ingress protection against dust and temporary immersion up to 1 m extended temperature ratings, shock and vibration specs. Add in redundant power inputs and high MTBF and our IP67 switches reliably withstand...

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With a feature-rich suite of industrial wireless products, Red Lion offers the broadest range of M2M routers available on the market today. These solutions take advantage of low monthly cellular rates to provide remote site monitoring for a range of industrial applications. Wireless monitoring and control provides a simple, reliable and cost-effective alternative to conventional land line or WAN connectivity solutions. Additionally, standards-based, enterprise-class functionality enables secure, reliable cellular data access, anywhere, anytime. Sixnet Series IndustrialPro® 6000 Cellular M2M...

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Communication Converters Red Lion's suite of Media and Protocol converters are designed to bridge connectivity between diverse media types as well as legacy and Ethernet networks. Providing fast performance and rugged operating specifications, the series includes remote access servers, serial-to-fiber converters, isolators, repeaters, serial to Ethernet converters, along with Ethernet media converters. N-Tron Series SER & ESERV Serial Converter > Extended environmental specifications Data rates up to 115.2Kbps (SER), 230.4Kbps (ESERV) > Hardened DIN rail enclosure 102MC Unmanaged 2 1 1 - -...

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Networking Topologies Daisy Chain Topology >> Daisy Chain Topology >> Mesh Topology using RSTP >> Wireless & PoE Bridge Topology >> Propriety Ring Topology (N-Ring) >> N-Ring with N-Link Topology >> ost-effective solution: inexpensive to implement with C minimal media (cables) and infrastructure (switches) required; unmanaged switches can be used to implement this topology >> ot good for determinism: packets traveling along the daisy N chain must pass through multiple devices >> ultiple points of failure: if a cable is damaged or cut, not only M is communication to the connected device...

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Mesh Topology using RSTP Propriety N-Ring Topology >> edundancy: alternate, or backup, paths are available R to devices >> xpensive solution: requires fully managed switches that are E more expensive than unmanaged switches >> edundancy: alternate, or backup, paths are available R to devices >> ndustry standard: RSTP is an industry standard that has I been implemented by many vendors >> low recovery time: up to 5 seconds or more after a failure, S which his is long enough to cause PLCs and other devices to detect a network outage and fall offline >> ast recovery times: recovery times of...

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