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HMI Brochure

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HMI Operator Interfaces Graphite®, G3 & Kadet HMIs Protocol conversion | Multi-vendor support | Web server Data logging | Email notification | SMS message alerts

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Sleek. Rugged. Flexible. Red Lion is the Best Choice for HMI Panels. From factories to extreme remote locations, Red Lion's HMI solutions enable customers to easily connect, monitor and control processes across a diverse range of industries that include manufacturing, oil and gas and water/wastewater.

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Connect Every Device. Anywhere. Anytime. Optimizing the performance of industrial assets can only occur when both those in the field and in management can see the right data at the right time and act on it. This is a truth that remains consistent even as the details of various industrial installations and applications change. From factory floors to hazardous remote locations, whether simple systems or complex multi-vendor environments, the ability to connect devices, monitor performance and control operations is critical to operational success. This is why Red Lion Controls offers a...

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More than Machine Access. With features ranging from protocol conversion to SMS message alerting, Red Lion HMIs are powerful tools that provide real-time information access—anywhere, anytime. Unify disparate equipment. By easily integrating into single or multi-vendor environments, our HMIs provide the ability to network-enable and web-serve different devices through a variety of built-in connection methods that include serial, USB and 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet ports. These features allow you to choose best-in-class equipment from virtually any vendor to create machines, systems and...

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Stay informed in real time. A rapid response to issues as they occur can be the difference between a major crisis and a small hiccup. Red Lion HMIs feature powerful messaging capabilities that automatically send email or SMS text messages to notify operators or management should a process issue occur or if a value moves out of a specified range. Given the stakes, being proactively notified of issues as they happen can help you stay on top of operations and give you the competitive advantage needed today. • Send email or SMS text messages based on alarms and system values • Alert operators...

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A Red Lion HMI for Every Application and Environment. While connected equipment may vary from application to application, our industry-leading protocol conversion capabilities let you integrate virtually any device with ease. With a wide range of features in a variety of sizes, Red Lion lets you choose the best HMI to address your specific needs. Rugged Graphite HMIs • onvert up to 20 protocols simultaneously from over 300 C supported drivers • Include sunlight readable outdoor-rated models • Offer unparalleled expansion capabilities via plug‑in modules • rovide built‑in data logging (SD...

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Learn more at Powerful G3 HMIs • Convert up to 13 protocols simultaneously from over 300 supported drivers • Provide built-in data logging (CF card), web server and FTP for remote access • Send email and/or SMS notifications on alarm conditions • Offer multiple connectivity ports including serial, Ethernet and USB • UL, cUL and UL hazardous approvals * Model specific

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GRAPHITE HMIs Red Lion Graphite advanced operator panels are the industry's first rugged HMI touchscreens to combine a wide range of versatile plug-in modules with protocol conversion, data logging and web-based monitoring and control. With all cast-aluminum construction and hazardous approvals, Graphite HMIs support wide operating temperatures and high shock/vibration tolerances to enable you to connect, monitor and control processes regardless of environment. For outdoor applications, sunlight-readable models are available in both 7" and 10" sizes. Learn more at •...

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Specification Highlights Graphite HMIs come standard with one 10/100Base-T(X) Ethernet port, two RS-232 and one RS-422/485 serial ports, one USB Device and two USB Host ports. Additional Ethernet and/or RS-422/485 ports are available on specific models. • SD memory card slot for data log storage • Extreme -20° to 60°C operating temperature range • +24 VDC +/-20% power input • ATEX and lECEx zone 2/22 approvals CE Approved: EN 61326-1 Immunity to Industrial Locations; Emission CISPR 11 Class A; IEC/EN 61010-1; RoHS Compliant ATEX Approved: II 3 G Ex ic nA IIC T4 Gc; II 3 D Ex tc INC T135°C...

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Graphite Plug-In Modules Build the perfect HMI solution. With up to eight available plug-and-play module slots, Graphite HMIs can integrate complex multi-vendor environments. Employing modules to address PID control, data acquisition and communication, Graphite HMIs allow you to connect a wide array of equipment to meet your specific needs. Data Acquisition Advanced data acquisition and management is easy with our powerful Graphite plug-in modules. For instance, a fullypopulated 7” Graphite HMI can monitor and control up to 40 onboard I/O points while our 15” Graphite HMIs can support up to...

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Crimson® 3.0 Software Seamless configuration, unprecedented control. Red Lion’s Crimson 3.0 software is an easy-to-use programming tool that is included with our HMIs to give you unprecedented control. Unlike competitive HMIs that charge extra for cumbersome proprietary software, our award-winning Crimson software simplifies the setup of even the most sophisticated applications. Configuring communications protocols, defining data tags and creating intuitive user interfaces are easier and virtually self-explanatory with Crimson software. More control options with Crimson Control. Red Lion’s...

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With a proven track record of reliable performance in industrial environments, Red Lion G3 HMIs provide durability and functionality beyond the industry standard with an intuitive, easy-to-use programming interface. Our G3 HMIs feature built-in, powerful protocol conversion with support for over 300 industrial drivers to connect disparate devices and simplify communication across multi-vendor environments. • Convert up to 13 protocols simultaneously from over 300 supported drivers • Real-time data logging provides historic visibility to support process improvements • Web and FTP servers...

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