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Data Station Plus Brochure - 8 Pages

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Data Station Plus Brochure

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The Complete Data Management Solution > Multiple protocol converter allows complete system integration > IT-ready data logging for process tracking and improvement > Remote asset management and control via built in web server > Reduce downtime with email and SMS alarm capability Industrial__

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Seamless integration of multi-vendor systems Red Lion’s Data Station Plus is the single-device solution for protocol conversion. The DSP bridges the communication gap between disparate serial, Ethernet and fieldbus devices—unlocking untold information from PLCs, drives, motion controllers, etc., orphaned by incompatible communications standards. Drag and drop register mapping allows a Siemens PLC to talk to an Allen Bradley drive in just seconds. With a growing list of over 300 serial, Ethernet and fieldbus drivers, the DSP allows you to choose the best-in-class automation components,...

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Reduce costs using data management. Monitor the vital signs of your machines and processes. Data Logging Data points logged from devices, machines and processes provide a performance baseline for analysis, and can be used to trigger PLC functions, alarms or notifications when points stray from nominal parameters. These variables can be used as reliable predictors of impending machine failure, monitoring for preventative maintenance, as well as general performance monitoring of distributed processes or discrete production throughput. Reliable data can be used to identify process...

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Monitor and control your applications. Anywhere. View and Control your system remotely. With its built-in web server, the Data Station Plus allows you to remotely monitor and control your process with the click of a mouse. Web-enabling your process facilitates remote real-time monitoring, operation, diagnostics and data acquisition from any networked PC, as well as browser equipped PDAs or phones. A complete graphics package, with over 4000 images, can be used to accurately depict your machine or process. The Data Station Plus can automatically synchronize its log files via FTP to a remote...

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The universal solution to connect, monitor and control Easily monitor and control the process for improved quality Early notification reduces downtime Supervise, manage and control processes on site or remotely FTP Server Email and SMS Messaging File Synchronization Alarms and Event Logging Security Manager for Multi-User Applications PROTOCOL PROTOCOL EXCHANGE EXCHANGE Remote Management CONVERTER CONVERTER Data Logging Embedded Web Server Virtual HMI for Easy Remote Viewing and Control Custom Web Pages Protocol Converter/Gateway EXCHANGE EXCHANGE

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Data Station Plus specifications MODEL DSPZR MODEL DSPGT Data Station Plus ZR Data Station Plus GT MODEL DSPZR Data Station Plus ZR MODEL DSPGT Data Station Plus GT > ultiple protocol Converter M > ultiple protocol Converter M > eb server provides access to custom web pages, virtual HMI, data W and event logger > eb server provides access to custom web pages, virtual HMI, data W and event logger > irtual HMI VGA size maximum (1280x720) provides remote V monitoring and control > irtual HMI VGA size maximum (640x480) provides remote V monitoring and control > onfigured via Crimson 3.0 Windows...

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Learn more at Call +1 (717) 767-6511 to speak to a representative. MODEL DSPSX    MODEL DSPLE Data Station Plus SX    Data Station Plus LE MODEL DSPSX Data Station Plus SX > Multiple protocol Converter > Web server provides access to custom web pages, virtual HMI, data and event logger > Virtual HMI QVGA size maximum (320x240) provides remote monitoring and control > Configured via Crimson 3.0 Windows compatible software > Two (2) RS232 and one (1) RS485/422 serial communication ports on board > 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port supports multiple protocols > USB Port to download...

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1^ A comprehensive portfolio of industrial automation and networking solutions to connect. monitor. control. INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION    INDUSTRIAL NETWORKING Process Control X PID Controllers X Data Acquisition X RTUs & I/O Modules X Signal Conditioners X Sensors HMIs & Panel Meters X HMI Operator Panels X Panel Meters X Large LED Displays X Visual Management Ethernet Switches Cellular M2M X Unmanaged X Monitored X Managed X PoE X Routers X Wi-Fi Radios X Cellular Routers X Cellular RTUs Communication Converters X Protocol Converters X Media Converters X Serial Converters Americas...

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