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1 ! LCD, POSITIVE REFLECTIVE OR NEGATIVE TRANSMISSIVE WITH YELLOW/GREEN OR RED LED BACKLIGHTING ! INTERNAL LITHIUM BATTERY PROVIDES UP TO 6 YEARS OF UNINTERRUPTED OPERATION ! NEMA 4X/IP65 SEALED FRONT BEZEL ! FRONT PANEL RESET, REMOTE RESET, OR BOTH ! COUNT SPEEDS UP TO 5 KHz (Model Dependent) ! COUNT INPUT FROM 10 to 300 VAC/DC (CUB4L8W) ! WIRE CONNECTION MADE VIA SCREW CLAMP TYPE TERMINALS DESCRIPTION The CUB4 offers a large display in a miniature package. There are three CUB4 counters to choose from; the CUB4L (6-digit counter), CUB4L8 (8-digit counter), and the CUB4L8W (8-digit counter with voltage input). You also have a choice of three displays; reflective, red backlight or green backlight. The backlight versions require power from an external 9.28 VDC supply. The optional power supply (MLPS1000) is designed to be attached directly to the rear of the CUB4 and is powered from an 85.250 VAC source. The power supply provides 12 VDC @ 400 mA to power the backlight and sensor, if required. The CUB4 series has a lightweight, high impact plastic case with a clear viewing window. The sealed front panel with the silicone rubber reset button meets NEMA 4X/IP65 specifications for wash-down and/or dusty environments, when properly installed. ORDERING INFORMATION SAFETY SUMMARY All safety related regulations, local codes and instructions that appear in the manual or on equipment must be observed to ensure personal safety and to prevent damage to either the instrument or equipment connected to it. If equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired. SPECIFICATIONS 1. DISPLAY: CUB4L: 6-Digit, LCD, 0.48" (12.2 mm) high digits. CUB4L8 & CUB4L8W: 8-Digit, LCD, 0.46" (11.7 mm) high digits. 2. POWER SOURCE: Internal 3.0 V lithium battery to provide up to 6 years of continuous operation. Battery life is dependent upon usage. Count and reset contacts that remain closed for long periods of time will reduce battery life. 3. BACKLIGHT POWER REQUIREMENTS: 9 to 28 VDC, 35 mA typical, 50 mA max. Above 26 VDC, derate operating temperature to 50°C. Must use the MLPS or a Class 2 or SELV rated power supply. 4. INPUTS: All Inputs: VIL (low) = 0.5 V max. Low Speed Input (CUB4L & CUB4L8): 30 Hz from switch contact or open collector transistor with a 50% duty cycle. Low Speed Input (CUB4L8W): 10 to 300 VAC/DC, 50/60 Hz, 30 cps max. VIL = 0.5 VDC max. Unit counts on positive going edge. Will not operate with Triac outputs. High Speed Input (CUB4L): 5 KHz from 4.0 V to 28.0 V bipolar output with a 50% duty cycle. High Speed Input (CUB4L8): 5 KHz at 2.0 V (3 V max) bipolar output with a 50% duty cycle. Remote Reset: CUB4L: 15 msec min. pulse width (active low) from 4.0 V to 28.0 V bipolar output or an open collector transistor or a switch contact to common. MODEL CUB4L, CUB4L8 & CUB4L8W - MINIATURE ELECTRONIC COUNTERS DIMENSIONS In inches (mm) CAUTION: Risk of Danger. Read complete instructions prior to installation and operation of the unit. UL Recognized Component, File # E179259 Bulletin No. CUB4-C Drawing No. LP0585 Released 12/08 Tel +1 (717) 767-6511 Fax +1 (717) 764-0839 Note: Recommended minimum clearance (behind the panel) for mounting clip installation is 2.15" (54.6) H x 3.00" (76.2) W. PANEL CUT-OUT MLPS Micro Line/Sensor Power Supply MLPS1000 Counter Positive Image Reflective w/V+ Terminal Counter Positive Image Reflective w/V+ Terminal Counter Positive Image Reflective w/V+ Terminal CUB4LM00 CUB4L80M CUB4L8WM CUB4L020 CUB4L820 CUB4L8W2 Counter w/Red Backlighting Counter w/Red Backlighting Counter w/Red Backlighting CUB4L (6-digit) CUB4L8 (8-digit) CUB4L8W (8-digit w/VCM) CUB4L010 CUB4L810 CUB4L8W1 Counter w/Yel-Grn Backlighting Counter w/Yel-Grn Backlighting Counter w/Yel-Grn Backlighting For more information on Pricing, Enclosures & Panel Mount Kits refer to the RLC Catalog or contact your local RLC distributor. CUB4L000 CUB4L800 CUB4L8W0 Counter Positive Image Reflective Counter Positive Image Reflective Counter Positive Image Reflective MODEL NO. DESCRIPTION PART NUMBERS

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2 INSTALLATION ENVIRONMENT The unit should be installed in a location that does not exceed the maximum operating temperature and provides good air circulation. Placing the unit near devices that generate excessive heat should be avoided. The bezel should be cleaned only with a soft cloth and neutral soap product. Do NOT use solvents. Continuous exposure to direct sunlight may accelerate the aging process of the bezel. Do not use tools of any kind (screwdrivers, pens, pencils, etc.) to operate the keypad of the unit. Installation The CUB4 series of products meet NEMA 4X/IP65 requirements for...

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3 CUB4L AND CUB4L8 LOW SPEED COUNT INPUT, 30 Hz MAX. Pulling the .L.S. CNT.. Input to Common with a mechanical or solid-state switch increments the counter. The low pass filter used with a Schmidt trigger circuit debounces mechanical switch signals. The switch load is 14 µA (max. voltage drop 0.5 V) when ON. The OFF-state leakage current must be less than 2 µA. Motor starter contacts, tungsten contacts, and brush-type contacts should NOT be used. WIRING CONNECTIONS The electrical connections are made via rear screw-clamp terminals located on the back of the unit. When wiring the unit, use...

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TROUBLESHOOTING For further technical assistance, contact technical support at the appropriate company numbers listed. RESET OPTIONS Connecting a wire from the .RST. EN.. (Reset Enable) Input terminal to Common will enable the front panel Reset button. When Remote Reset is required, a wire is connected from the .REM. RST.. input terminal to Common. Pulling this input low causes the counter to reset. The .REM. RST.. can be pulled low by either a mechanical switch or solid-state transistor switch. Switch load and leakage are the same as for .L.S. CNT.. Input above. Note: The RC protection...

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