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RAMO T - 1

RAMO The universal and intelligent pushbutton

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RAMO T - 3

RAFI RAMO RAMO CLOSE TO THE FUTURE The new RAMO family of pushbuttons comes in two different mounting sizes (22.3 mm and 30.3 mm). In terms of design, the single pushbuttons are matched to the proven RAFIX series. Also with regard to reliability, they are in no way inferior to their design relatives – quite the opposite: the one-piece RAMO housing ensures maximum protection against dirt and moisture. This singular series is equipped with a 4-pole plug & play connection in thread sizes M8 or M12, making it extremely quick and straightforward to connect. Full-surface illumination of the...

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RAMO T - 4

RAMO 22/30 TTACTILE SWITCH ^ Using the RAFI tactile switch, the RAMO 22/30 T provides unique tactile feedback - with a distinct key click. In plant engineering and construction in particular, the RAMO T is now a medium-independent standard component - thanks to degree of protection IP 66 / IP 69K. Preliminary technical data ^ Mechanical design Contact system snap-action contact (MICON 5) Contact materials gold ^ Mechanical characteristics Operating force F1 (+/-20 %) 5 N Electrical characteristics Rated voltage min. Rated voltage max. Rated current min. Rated current max. Rated...

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RAMO T - 5

Contact Color LED & lens FLEXLAB without lens momentary, 1 NO white Accessories FLEXLAB Lens, colorless: Lens, red: Lens, yellow: Lens, green: Lens, blue: DIN A4 label sheet with 6x9 lenses in total utility: 5.70.800.200/0000 FLEXLAB without lens momentary, 1 NO white Accessories FLEXLAB Lens, colorless: Lens, red: Lens, yellow:...

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RAMO T - 6

M8/12 CONNECTION OPTIONS For the applications of the future Machines are becoming more and more intelligent thanks to the constantly growing use of electronics. Via complex wiring, control in the control cabinet is increasingly being replaced by intelligent fieldbuses. Here, sensors and actuators are frequently connected and programmed directly in the field. The tough environmental conditions encountered there are easily handled by the RAMO series, thanks to its onepiece housing and sealed M8 and M12 connectors. They have proved their worth in sensor engineering, and have become a standard...

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RAMO T - 7

CONNECTION OPTIONS M8/12 & RAFI FLEXLAB Formidable possibilities With the FLEXLAB technology from RAFI, you have the option of appending your individual icon to each and every keyswitch. Ready-made labelling sheets can be ordered as an option. They can be printed at your workplace using a MS Word template. Simply cut out the perforated labels and place them under the cap of the keyswitch with a single click. Also available on request are printed sheets or pad-printed FLEXLAB caps in the following colors: red, green, yellow, blue, white.

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RAMO T - 8

05 / 2017 The information in this brochure only contains general descriptions and / or performance features, which may not apply precisely as described to the respective application, and which my change due to further product enhancements. The technical data, illustrations and other information about our products are the mere results of individual technical testing. These descriptions and other product features are only binding if they expressly agreed upon at the time of the RAFI GmbH & Co. KG Ravensburger Str. 128   –  134, D- 88276 Berg /Ravensburg Tel.: +49 751 89-0, Fax: +49 751 89...

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