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POWER LINUX BSP Specification

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PowerLINUX - 2

SPECIFICATION POWR LINUX BSP OVERVIEW PowerL/NUXis the Board-Support-Package (BSP) for RAFI Embedded Control Unit POWERCU based on i.MX6Solo processor. Due to the high integration of interface drivers, features and services as well as graphical performance, a simple and cost-effective implementation of your application is possible. -■iPOWERECU SYSTEM Kernel Bootloader Distribution File system Init system Supported core modul 4.1.15_1.2.0 Barebox 201701.0 Yocto Jethro 2.0.3 UBIFS systemd RAFI POWERECU DRIVERS AND INTERFACES Memory Interfaces Input devices WLAN / Bluetooth NAND-Flash /...

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PowerLINUX - 3

SPECIFICATION POWR LINUX BSP Console Shell Connectivity Audio Video Package Manager Webserver Serial console / Network console Bash OpenSSH (Client & Server) / SFTP PulseAudio / ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture) V4L (Video for Linux) with H.264 video decoding (HW-accelerated) dpkg (debian package manager) Apache2 with PHP5 support Lighttpd on request Database MariaDB v5.5.46 (formerly MySQL) Image Update Kernel, Bootloader, RootFS, Splashscreen ARCHITECTURE Shell (bash) Package Manager (dpkg) Datebase (MariaDB) Script support (Phyton) Native FrameBuffer User Applications...

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PowerLINUX - 4

The information in this brochure only contains general descriptions and/or performance features, which may not apply precisely as described to the respective application, and which may change due to further product enhancements. The technical data, illustrations and other information about our products are the mere results of individual technical testing: These descriptions and other product features are only binding if they expressly agreed upon at the time of the conclusion of a binding contract. RAFI GmbH & Co. KG Ravensburger Str. 128-134, D-88276 Berg/Ravensburg Tel.: +49 751 89-0,...

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