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GLASSCAPE GLASSCAP RAFI: Solutions with passio The Future of Data Entry Starts Here.

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GLASSCAPE Operating Panels to Take You into a New Age. 2

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REVOLUTIONARY VERSATILE RAFI‘s GLASSCAPE also has everything you need to give your products a head start. With GLASSCAPE, you‘ll set value against lack of choice, passion against indifference, emotion against boredom. UNIVERSAL No other product was as instantly successful in its market as the iPhone. Why? Because it came equipped with a completely new operating surface, making it stand out from all other smart phones. COMBINED GLASSCAPE combines display and operation in a single unit. It not only looks good, it‘s also very easy and safe to use. In the GLASSCAPE display and operating panel,...

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GLASSCAPE Surfaces to Widen Your Horizons. Ground Milled Curved With keycaps TOP DESIGN You can grind, etch, cut out, bend, polish, matt or score GLASSCAPE surfaces. This is a completely new aspect of glass. Talk your design ideas over with us. With GLASSCAPE, you can set brand new trends. RAFI‘s GLASSCAPE provides you with absolutely closed control panels that combine the highest degree of safety with outstanding user-friendliness and firstclass design. 4

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GLASS RANGE Type NONFLEX glass Float glass White glass Grey glass Hardened glass (chemical, thermal) Etched glass Non-reective glass Toughened safety glass Special glass Glass thickness 3.00 mm standard 5.00 mm standard Thickness tolerance +/- 0.20 mm Outer contour standard Straight tol. +/- 0.20 mm Straight with anging radii tol. +/- 0.20 mm Outer contour special design As per drawing Drilled Operating side Water jet ground „C“ edge CONTOUR FINISH Edge surface Ground, standard Scored/chamfered Water jet cut (rough) Highly polished Edge quality Edges bevelled both sides Standard 0.50 x 45°...

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GLASSCAPE Displays in Depth. RING ILLUMINATION The switching status of the buttons is indicated by illuminated rings in different colours surrounding the buttons. POINT ILLUMINATION Points can indicate the switching position of a capacitive wheel or slider. 6 FULL ILLUMINATION Full-surface illumination of capacitive touch screens or display surfaces.

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USABILITY The use value of your products depends quite decisively on easy operation. This is where GLASSCAPE offers you options far beyond the usual standard. In a GLASSCAPE operating panel, all the operating components are under glass. This gives every panel a modern, high-quality look, and adds value to your application. DURABILITY Standard keyswitches can wear down. With GLASSCAPE, the operating components are under glass and remain unchanged for their lifetime. GUIDANCE GLASSCAPE is suitable for all applications that are intuitively operated, in an industrial or a retail environment....

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GLASSCAPE Super-Sensitive Operation. Capacitive keyswitches Capacitive wheel Capacitive operating surface Capacitive proximity sensor Capacitive slider Capacitive touch SENSOR SYSTEMS Behind the absolutely closed glass surface, a wide range of sensor systems is working for reliable input: • • • • • • • 8 Capacitive keyswitches Capacitive sliders Capacitive wheels Capacitive proximity sensors Capacitive matrix touch screens Capacitive touch pads Capacitive touch screens

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parent and opaque carriers for the capacitive sensors NOT ILLUMINATED Sensor surfaces that are not to be illuminated are created in copper on the printed circuit board. The circuit board is then adhered to the back of the printed glass or plastic pane. The capacitive evaluation electronics are in turn situated directly behind the printed circuit board. TOUCH SCREEN Capacitive touch screens make very high demands on the optical laminating onto glass or plastic. The procedure must be carried out with the greatest precision and absolutely bubble-free. RAFI has now optimised this process to...

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The Operating Panel with Added Value for Your Success. Capacitive elevator panel with digital touch screen, digital printing ADDED VALUE Capacitive input technology opens up new possibilities in the design, application and operation of In addition, it offers extremely high resist- ance to mechanical and chemical stresses, as operation uses closed surfaces printed on the back. Not even millions of opera- tions can damage such a system. Panel with movable glass edge illumination Automation panel with touch pad and slider Panel for coffee machine with digital touch screen and legend inserts

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from the initial idea right up until it is ready for series production. DEVELOPMENT GLASSCAPE is an innovative development from RAFI‘s research department. Experienced, highly specialised development teams from all areas have brought all of their experience in the design, construction and production of operating panels to create this new product. Our competencies in development cover the whole life cycle of the product: from development of the mechanics, electronics and software to successful product realisation and the necessary means of testing and operating, right up to supervising...

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Every device makes different demands on the operating unit. With GLASSCAPE, you can do justice to every application. You can use shaping to improve haptic qualities. You can integrate plastic surfaces with further 3D features. You can employ capacitive near field communication and transmit data for short distances without touching. SOLUTIONS RAFI‘s GLASSCAPE has already proved itself, with excellent results, in practice in gastronomy and industry. EXAMPLES Its advantages, in the rough and tumble of everyday use, are break-resistant reinforced glass, perfect hygiene, reliability and...

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