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REDISCOVER THE WHEEL All wheels have one thing in common: they are round. However, each area of application has specific requirements in terms of size, materials and load capacity. Since 1946, we have been developing wheels and castors which meet the ever-increasing demands of the market. From individual customer-specific items to standardised large batches. Our high demands, our quality and our capacity for innovation have made us one of the leading manufacturers of wheels, pallet rollers, press-on tyres as well as swivel and fixed castors in the world. We produce almost all of our items...

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Special Solutions - 3

The right wheel for every application Our products keep things rolling in a wide range of industries. From the extraction and processing of raw materials and intralogistics to transportation and supply systems – prominent manufacturers around the globe place their trust in us. From small PEVOLON® conveyor castors and heavy-duty twinwheeled castors with PEVOPUR® wheels to VULKOLLAN ®* press-on tyres – more than 30,000 items with diameters of 30 mm to 1,800 mm and load capacities of up to 80 tonnes illustrate our range of products and our expertise. All of our drive, load and guiding wheels...

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Special Solutions - 4

Heat, water, dust, mineral deposits: mining exposes people and machinery to extreme conditions. Because conveyor and transport vehicles operate nearly 24 hours a day as they mine for v ­ aluable raw materials, all the materials used need to be able to withstand these unique conditions and thus ensure safety and efficiency both above and below ground. We’ve been successful in open pit and underground mining for more than 25 years and optimise wheels for a whole host of v ­ ehicle types and systems. Whether for soft or hard rock, our e ­ xtraordinarily diverse wheel tread materials and our...

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Special Solutions - 5

As one of the most important pieces of equipment in mining, load-haul-dump vehicles work almost non-stop under the harshest conditions. Here, durable and long-lasting wheels are essential for preventing costly production losses. The proven reliability of our products minimises precisely such machine downtime. At the same time, low vehicle height is a decisive factor where adits are low and have uneven floors. This is another area in which we can offer specially tailored solutions for your specific needs. Pit cages travel considerable distances between the pit bank and the workings when...

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Special Solutions - 6

Metal Industry When it comes to producing and processing metals, special v ­ ehicles are frequently used to safely and reliably transport heavy loads. When sparks fly and things get really hot, wheels for heavy-duty applications need to be able to withstand quite a bit. Our special products made from VULKOLLAN ® and ­PEVOTEC® also operate at full speed here in the harshest con­ ditions and feature quiet operation, good load transmission, high wear resistance and above-average durability. They also o ­ ffer a high degree of flexibility and freedom of movement for special non-rail-mounted...

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Special Solutions - 7

Metal Industry STEEL WORKS VEHICLES Rail-mounted and non-rail-mounted steel works vehicles are used in steel production for filling blast furnaces, breaking off and removing slag in the blast furnace, and transporting molten as well as hot metals and slag. Due to the intense heat and ­ugged r environment the wheels are exposed to a high degree of strain. Our special designs o ­ ffer ­ xceptional temperature resistance and durability – even in extreme conditions. e ­ FORGING MANIPULATORS AND COIL TRANSPORTERS Our PEVOTEC® wheels developed in-house are used in mani­ pulators for workpiece...

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Special Solutions - 8

Source: Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors Coastal engineering is an art in itself. In addition to logistical challenges, offshore constructions also need to be able to re­iably withstand the most adverse conditions. When it comes to l laying pipelines and installing production platforms and wind t ­urbines, our developments for the offshore sector offer suitable solutions: durable products which enable top performance in any and all conditions on the high seas.

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Special Solutions - 9

For the transport of pipelines and pipeline elements, we p ­ roduce special wheels, press-on tyres and diabolos for use on both spoolbases on land and pipe-laying vessels. Source: Van Oord Dredging and Marine Contractors In order to safely and securely anchor offshore wind turbines out at sea, a stable foundation is a must. For the purpose ­ of anchoring and pile-driving the turbines on the seabed, we p ­ rovide drive and guiding wheels as well as press-on tyres which can withstand rough weather and, in particular, salt water. LAYING PIPELINES OFFSHORE Source: Van Oord Dredging and Marine...

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Special Solutions - 10

Raw materials of all kinds are scarce. This not only applies to fossil fuels, but also components of everyday materials such as cardboard and paper, making a well-functioning recycling infrastructure all the more important. Our wheels and rollers are used in modern recycling systems. Lightweight packaging, cardboard packaging, household and bulky waste, and bio-­ waste can be recycled efficiently.

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Special Solutions - 11

SCREEN DRUM SYSTEMS BELT CONVEYORS Screen drums form the heart of modern separating plants and ­equire high-quality wheels to operate efficiently: they’re r p ­ ositioned on running and drive wheels, whilst an additional pressure wheel prevents axial displacement. Our VULKOLLAN® wheels ensure quiet operation and minimise vibration. We can easily adjust the size and load capacity of the wheels based on the screen drum system used, taking into account the fraction size, the throughput and the material to be separated. Both stationary and mobile belt conveyors with swivelling e ­ lements are...

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Special Solutions - 12

Tunnel Construction Whether underground or underwater, tunnels and pipes are e ­ ssential for the infrastructure of modern cities and countries. This is made possible with tunnelling machines whose chassis are equipped with our VULKOLLAN® press-on tyres – all over the world.

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