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“Our philosophy: To develop wheels and castors that serve a wide range of industries – and offer our customers security and reliability. Our claim: The highest level of quality and perfection down to the smallest detail.

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QUALITY “MADE IN GERMANY“ All wheels have one thing in common – they are round. However, each area of application has specific requirements in terms of size, materials and load capacity. We have been developing wheels and castors since 1946 that meet the ever-increasing demands of the market. From individual customer-specific items to standardised large batches. For use in industrial trucks, extraction technology, storage technology and in industry, retail and craft industries. Our high demands on ourself, quality and capacity for innovation have made us one of the leading manufacturers of...

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Experience is the basis on which to create new things. L ARGEST PROCESSOR OF VULKOLLAN® FOR WHEELS WORLDWIDE BAYER AWARD F IRST OWN BRAND WITH PEVOLON® PROCESSING BEGINS Wheels for reconstruction – in a nutshell, this is how the family company of RÄDER-VOGEL began. In 1946, Peter Vogel started producing urgently needed wheelbarrow wheels and transport equipment out of old tank wheels using an old lathe in a dance hall. A lot has changed since then. The company has grown steadily, the product range and areas of application have expanded considerably. The dance hall is no more but the spirit...

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We focus on what we do best - the production of high-quality wheels and castors. Beginning with the mechanical processing of rims and mould making through to machine casting, hand casting, injection moulding and post-processing, we manufacture almost every product here in Germany. Over an area of almost 30,000 square meters, we manufacture more than 30,000 wheels, with over 25 different wheel-tread materials, every day at our three plants in Hamburg. Our state-of-the-art production facilities and automated processes form the basis for our widely recognised high quality standards. We...

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Step by step for the best result. “Even the smallest of details can be crucial to the quality of a wheel. This is why we place so much importance on the small things and manufacture almost all of our products ourselves from beginning to end.“ SOLID CORE EXCEPTIONAL TECHNOLOGY For the manufacture of our wheel centres, we process more than 9,000 t of cast iron and steel from European foundries every year in our state-ofthe-art mechanical production at more than 30 turning and machining centres. We purchase the wheel centres as cast exclusively from certified producers using automated moulding...

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RADER-VOGEL fill Your trust in our products is what drives us to get a little better each day. This also includes identifying mistakes at an early stage and learning from them. Our specially developed early warning system, which is implemented in all of our processes, and the exceptional quality awareness of our employees are a further indication in our efforts to create the perfect products. CONTROL AT EVERY STEP Your trust in our products is what drives us to get a little better every single day. This is because our wheels and castors have to prove themselves under the most extreme...

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Your requirements set the benchmark. Whether for individual pieces or large batches, we are specialists and the market leader in custom-made products in Germany. Working closely with you, we develop high-quality solutions for a diverse range of requirements. You can count on our years of experience and expertise in almost every industry. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE Forty employees in our construction and development department strive to make your wishes a reality every day. Our range of services includes the entire production development cycle – from the initial idea and construction to testing,...

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The right wheel for every application. • STORAGE AND SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY • FOOD INDUSTRY • AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY • STAGE TECHNOLOGY • AVIATION TECHNOLOGY • OFFSHORE APPLICATIONS • AMUSEMENT PARKS Our products drive a wide range of industries throughout the world. From the extraction and processing of raw materials through to intralogistics and transport and supply systems, renowned manufacturers count on our expertise, quality and comprehensive product range. From small PEVOLON® conveyor rollers and heavy-duty twin wheeled rollers with PEVOPUR® wheels to VULKOLLAN® press-on tyres – more than...

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Motivated employees are the best basis for success. “Reliability and trust are not just at the heart of our business relationships, but also form the basis for our relationship with our employees. They are the very core of our business.“ We are not just an owner-operated family company, but also a company for families. From grandmother to son and to grandson, at our company up to three generations work under one roof. More than 450 employees from 28 different countries do their very best each day to ensure perfect products and first-class service. For us as an employer, this serves as both...

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SPECIALIST CONSULTATION We have an extensive product portfolio and are specialists in tailor-made solutions. It therefore goes without saying that we also offer you a first-class consultation service. Our internal and external sales employees are fully versed in our products and will help you to find the perfect solution, whatever your requirements. In addition to our headquarters in Hamburg, our employees are also on hand to help in four other regional branches, as well as in a sales office in Austria. All of our sites have their own storage facilities, so our standard products should...

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RÄDER-VOGEL RÄDER- UND ROLLENFABRIK GMBH & CO. KG Sperlsdeicher Weg 19-23 • 21109 Hamburg • Germany Tel.: +49 40 75499-0 • Fax: +49 40

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