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The Ultimate Secure Connection Radiall has expanded its broad range of SMP products with SMP-LOCK® connectors featuring a robust locking mechanism, which dramatically increases the retention force of the interface and prevents accidental disconnection. Offered with a limited number of receptacles and straight or right-angle plugs for standard cables, SMP-LOCK® connectors can be easily customized to Jit your preferred cable or to meet the needs of your microwave module. They have been specially designed for harsh environments and to withstand more severe vibration and drop tests. SMP-LOCK® connectors are suitable for cable-to-cable or cable-to-module interconnections inside equipment subject to harsh mechanical stress such as airborne radars, avionics, satellites, missile, UAV and UGV applications. For high-density PCB or panel layouts, an extraction tool is available to ease SMP-LOCK® plugs are compatible with most standard SMP receptacles in the unlocked position, with the exception of catcher's mitt type. Part numbering SMP-LOCK® part numbers start with High Reliability Applications f\ range of SMP-LOCK® connectors has been developed to meet our customers' needs for high reliability applications* *For Radiall support please contact: Our Most Important Connection is with Vou.TI

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When extreme vibration and shock impact your equipment, use Radiall's SMP-LOCK . The Ultimate Secure Connection The addition of an innovative locking mechanism to the SMP interface makes it less vulnerable to the most demanding vibration and shock requirements. With SMP-LOCK®, the retention force of the connector when locked is specied at 450 N with .085’ semi-rigid cable. This level of retention is 10 times more than with standard SMP full detent interface! The actual force required to break apart male and female connectors when locked is extremely high and has been measured at 1500 N....

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