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MIL-PRF-39012QPLCONNECTORS In order to avoid presenting information that may rapidly become obsolte due to the frquently-changing nature of MIL-PRF-39012, th詨se listings describe our QPL connec-tors by description of thelr configuration only. For up-to-date information on dimensions, plating spͩcifications, or performance requlrements, piease call AEP or consult the current release of MIL-PRF-39012. SIVIASries Ail AEP SMA sries QPL connectors have passivated slainless steel bodies and coupling nuls, excepl dlrect-solder ptugs and Jacks for seml-rlgid cable. Th驨se ttems have gold-plated...

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QPL Connectors - 3

table.main {} tr.row {} td.cell {} div.block {} div.paragraph {} .font0 { font:12.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font1 { font:15.00pt "Arial", sans-serif; } .font2 { font:21.00pt "Arial Black", sans-serif; } .font3 { font:10.00pt "Georgia", serif; } MIL-PRF-39012QPLCONNECTORS AEP SMB and SMC sries QPL connectors have gold or silver plated bodies as noled Straight plug for flexible cable, clamp type ICategory A) _SMB Sries_ _SMC S驩ries_ Cable Gold plated Silver plated Gold plated Silver plated Straight RC. board jack rceptacle Ug _SMB Sries_ length Gold plated Silver plated RG-178...

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QPL Connectors - 4

About AEP Since our foundation in 1973. wa have always believed that having our custamers take a look "inside AEP" is importait in fostering slroig vendor/customer relationships. We are proud of our physical plant and equipment but even more so of our dedicated staff. When customers see first-hand how AEP's paople keep a constant focus on maintaining and improviog customer service and satisfaction, the reason far our consistently strong on-time delivery and quality records becomes clear. Wo invite you to see for yourself. Call us to arrange a plant touror. if you can't make a visit ask for...

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