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Radiall introduces the new QLI Connector with a bayonet locking mechanism providing a Quick Lock with Low Intermodulation (QLI). QLI connectors are designed to provide performance similar to DIN 7/16 with a very low intermodulation level, and a quick and safe connection, without any tools. Its double sealing, in addition to a special anti-corrosion & watertight plating, make this connector the best choice for outdoor installations and also Indoor applications where the best performance is required. QLI connectors are available in plugs, jacks, straight or right angles, square sockets & bulkhead models with a compact design allowing high density integration. Our worldwide manufacturing facilities are aligned with IEC standards ensuring outstanding product quality. Features Design Cable Assemblies Radiall is a leader in new interface design. The QLI quick lock connector is designed for simple, one handed installation - no tools required. Radiall provides connectors and entire cable assemblies - preconfigured or customer specified - for a broad range of applications. Radiall has sales and manufacturing facilities around the world saving customers time and money when sourcing components. Our Most Important Connection is with You.™ For Radiall support please contact: pierrick.morel@radiall.com

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When quick connections, high density, and uncompromising performance are required - the best choice is Radiall’s QLI. QLI advantages include quick connections, miniaturization, and high performance Our bayonet concept allows for a quick and secure connection. The addition of double sealing allows for use outdoors without any additional protective skin (electrical insulation putty + adhesive tape). The reduced footprint (compared to 7/16 series) allows for use in high density applications. Radialls QLI connector employes the proven bayonet concept for secure connections. With the QLI,...

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