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Microwave High Power Terminations The best choice for High Performance and Quality Radiall is renewing its range of High Power Terminations from 30 to 200 Watts, available with Type N, SMA, 7-16 and TNC connections. This comprehensive offer ensures outstanding performance and quality, at a competitive price. High Power Terminations from 30 to 200W up to 6 GHz: Microwave global range •  Available with 4 types of connections: Type N, SMA, 7-16 and TNC (male and female interfaces) •  Conduction version is available for applications where cooling fan form factors need to be adapted •  Custom design available upon request Electrical Performance: •  Frequency range: DC-6 GHz •  VSWR max 1.3 @ 6 GHz •  Peak Power = 2 kW Conduction model Features Competitive Offering Reliable Solution Safe Range •  Excellent performance: frequency, VSWR, and Peak Power •  Reduced size and form factors •  Competitive pricing, delivery, and service •  New Radiall terminations use purely mechanical retention, no compound, and no crimp to increase product robustness •  Temperature shrinkage is compensated through a spring loaded contact •  Outstanding electrical performance (see graph page 2) •  RoHS compliant •  Complies with standard MIL39030 •  Complies with ISO/IEC 17025 •  Fully tested, approved, and certified by an Independent test laboratory Our Most Important Connection is with You.™ For Radiall support please contact: henri.roux@radiall.com

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Electrical Performance Average Power at 25 ºC (W) The Best choice for High Performance and Quality Operating Frequency (GHz) V.S.W.R Impedance (Ω) DC Resistance (Ω) Peak Power at 25 ºC (1μs,1%) (kW) Operating Temperature Range (ºC) Storage Temperature Range (ºC) Mechanical Retention of Termination Radiall® Termination Module Thermal Conductivity Comparison The design concept for Radiall’s new high power terminations utilizes mechanical force to restrain the ceramic resistance against the module. This solution improves the life performance of the termination versus common solutions using...

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