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RF & Microwave Coaxial switching products 2011 HADIAL The next connexion

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COMPANY PROFILE -;- r"V*s___ Simply Your Best Connection Radiall is a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of leading edge interconnect solutions. Dedicated to understanding its customers' needs since 1952, Radiall has earned the reputation of being "the best of the best" in engineering ingenuity by providing a constant flow of crשative system solutions serving the telecommunications, aerospace, defense, instrumentation, automotive, industrial, medical and broadcast markets. Technical information and sales contacts are available at : www.tadiallcom The Best End-to-End...

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A GLOBAL RANGE - TO MEET YOUR NEEDS ANTENNAS MICROWAVE COMPONENTS Wide range of coaxial terminations and attenuators using standard interfaces (SMA, QMA, N, QN...) from low (1W) to high power (100W). Cable load solution, chip terminations up to 18 GHz, hybrid or directional SMT couplers, connectorized couplers, lightning protectors, detectors, rotary joints, phase shifters, DCBlocks... |] I RADIALL specializes in antennas from 27 MHz to 6 GHz for military applications. Technologies used: wire, patch, 3 ! printed, wire-plate, PIFA 0 j Օ Numerous types of antennas: single ple, dipole,...

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UUH/VIHL technical information PRODUCTS capacities and facilities The association inside the same plant of all the technical skills: marketing, R&D, industrialization, manufacturing and quality control enable RADIALL to produce a range of high performance and low cost devices for industrial applications as well as high reliability components for severe requirements in military and space fields. Head office - Rosny sous Bois France a wide field of activity Specialized in passive microwave components, the RADIALL's engineering staff designs and manufactures a wide range of standard coaxial...

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COAIAL PRODUCTS TECHNICAL INFORMATION QUALITY AND RELIABILITY AND PATENTS Quality and reliability: Two major requirements of passive microwave components that RADIALL has been taking into account for years. ISO 9001 V2008 label is the best evidence of quality assurance interfaces at every stage of a product from designing to manufacturing. All new products are subjected to rigid qualification programs before mass production. In the same way, every element which could affect product quality is tested periodically. PRODUCTION Electrical performances of microwave products are closely d©pendent...

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UUH/VIHL TECHNICAL INFORMATION PRODUCTS O en . 1) A TESTING LABORATORY As an illutration of RADIALLs commitment to quality and reliability, RADIALL has an in-house test laboratory qualified by CECC which permits RADIALL to carry out most of tests required by its customers. 2) PARTIAL LIST OF TEST MEANS > ELECTRICALS Breakdown voltage 12 KVolts Insulation resistance 40.103 MOhms Contact resistance lLidhms > ENVIRONMENTAL Vibrations : Sine random 0 - 120 g 5 to 4000 Hz Shocks 30 to1000g Shakes 25 to 40g 6 ms Thermal vacuum 10-= TORR -45 to +100°C Thermal shock -70°C +200°C / transfert 20s...

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COAIAL PRODUCTS TECHNICAL INFORMATION 3) CAPABILITIES RADIALL offers coaxial switches in four major markets: Telecom, Instrumentation, Military and Hi-Rel Space. RADIALL products are currently used in military airborne, earth stations, Automatic Test Equipment, Instrumentation systems, wireless base stations and space applications including ground segments. This catalog is intended to be used as a guide in selecting the right type of switch for a given application. It is important to note that RADIALL doesn't limit itself to catalog products and has the flexibility to design a specific...

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UUH/VIHL TECHNICAL INFORMATION PRODUCTS O . 6) GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS DESIGNED TO MEET MIL DTL 3928 AND MIL STD 202 > ENVIRONMENTAL CHARACTERISTICS These requirements are guaranteed according to MIL standard, see applicable product section to get more accurate and detailed information. Vibrations Method 204 10 - 2000 Hz 10g Operating Shocks Method 213 50g, 1/2 sinus Non-operating > MECHANICAL CHARACTERISTICS, MATERIAL AND FINISHED All materials and finishes are in accordance with applicable MIL and NF specifications. All connectors are in accordance with applicable MIL, DIN, NF and CEI...

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COAIAL PRODUCTS TECHNICAL INFORMATION 8) manufacturing and quality assurance flow QUALITY Incoming parts: - Components - Mechanical parts - Electrical parts Incoming Inspection: sampling based on MIL STD 105 and RADIALL Quality Manual Stock Manufacturing pushed by Marketin q Manufacturing of subassemblies RF subassemblies Actuator subassemblies 1 100% RF test at subassembly level 100% testing for actuator strength and stroke by automatic test bench Stock Stock of sub assemblies Switch assembly Pre-cap visual inspection: - List of key v©rification points - Monthly indicators displayed with...

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uuh/vihl TECHNICAL INFORMATION PRODUCTS O . 9) RAMSES CONCEPT An innovative new system has been designed for constructing electromechanical coaxial RF switches with increased long-term reliability. The RAdiall Modular System for Electromechanical Switches (RAMSES) is a patented concept that enables microwave coaxial switches to be produced with a typical operating life of 10 million cycles while suffering no decrease in contact resistance reliability over time. In addition, the unique internal construction makes the switches cost-competitive with traditional switches. Friction Effects The...

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UUH/VIHL TECHNICAL INFORMATION PRODUCTS 10) rf arrangement COAXIAL SPDT SWITCH (Single Pole Double Throw) COAXIAL SPDT TERMINATED SWITCH (Single Pole Double Throwh terminated) *T BF jnoutJ Jl J2 J3 Single pole Double Throw Switch A switch with one input port and two selectable Dutputports DλTern, 50fl Terni. Jl J2 J3 Single Pole Double Throw, Terminated switch Same as SPDT, but the unused output port is automatically terminated by a 50 Ohm rsistive load. COAXIAL DP3T SWITCH (Double Pole Three Throw) COAXIAL DPDT SWITCH (Double Pole Double Throw) Jl>-0---0-<J3 RF inputJ JlJ2 J3 1 J4 l J5...

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