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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 1

LuxCis A new high density termini for harsh environment UIL-C-38999 sries III Fiber optic interconnect solution ARINC 801 standard compilant RADIALL^ The next connexion

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 2

COMPMHY P Founded in 1952 in France, RADIALL started as a family owned company making coaxial plugs. Today, RADIALL is an international and global manufacturer of interconnect components including RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, antennas, fiber optic components, microwave components, and multipin connectors for the Automotive, Civil Aviation, Dfense, Industrial, Mdical, Space and T驩lcommunication markets. OSE (Quality Safety Environment) POLICY RADIALL maintains a quality management System conforming to international standards, including for environmental protection. Our...

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 3

LuxCis® Page INTRODUCTION LuxCis® concept / Main features & benefits 4 PERFORMANCES Optical, mechanical & environmental performances 5 PRODUCT RANGE LuxCis ® terminicontacts 6-7 Adapters 8-9 Harnesses 10 CABLE ASSEMBLIES Generalfeatures 11 Multimodecableassemblies 12 Singlemodecableassemblies 13 LUXCIS®IN MULTIPIN CONNECTORS LuxCis ®termini in EPXB CONNECTOR 14-15 LuxCis ® termini in NSX/ARINC 600 CONNECTOR 16-17-18-19 LuxCis ® termini in MIL-DTL-38999 CONNECTOR 20-21-22 Minimum bend radius 23 TOOLING Cleaning Kit 24 Maintenance Kit 25 MEASUREMENT Insertion loss measurement procdure 26...

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 4

LuxCis® LuxCis® : A new flexible and upgradable interconnect solution for Multimode and Singlemode fiberfor MIL-AERO and harsh environnent The Radiall concept, original and simple, is based on the use of identical fiber optic termini contacts that can be inserted in either plug or rceptacle cavities of multipin connectors (EPX, ARINC 600 and circular MIL-DTL-38999 sries III). A removable sleeve-holderensures fine alignment and centring of the LuxCis® termini. This technology allows easy access to optical faces for inspection and cleaning op驩rations. LuxCis® termini contacts and connectors...

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 5

LuxCis@ PERFORMANCES OPTICAL PERFORMANCES Singlemode (UPC) 131071550nm Singlemode/APC 1310/1550nm Multimode (PC) 850nm /1310nm Attnuation - Mean 0,15dB 0,20 dB 0.10 dB - Standard dviation 0,10 dB 0,12 dB 0.07 dB (against a r驩frence plug, IEC61300-3-4 Method B) Return loss (maximum low variation : IEC 61300-3-6) > 50 dB > 60 dB >20 dB MECHANICAL and ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCES Test Standard LuxCis® in EPX® connector LuxCis® in MIL-DTL 38999 connector LuxCis® inARINC 600 connector Thermal Shocks SAE-AS-13441met 1003.1 -55°C/+125°C -55°C/+125°C -55°C/+125°C Temprature endurance TIA/EIA 455-20A...

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 6

LuxCis@ PRODUCT RANGE LuxCis® TERMINI CONTACTS 3 types of LuxCis® termini are available depending on cable structure : ML for loose or tight cable structure from 1.5 to 2.2mm diameter MT for ultra tight cable structure from 1.5 to 2.2mm diameter A simplifie! version is compatible with 0.9mm buffertypes (see below). LuxCis® TERMINI CONTACT PART NUMBERS (# 16) Cable Dia. Cable structure type ML (loose) MT (tight) Singlemode fiber Multimode fiber optical ceramic 125.3 um for PC/UPC termination optical ceramic 125.3 um for APC termination optical ceramic 128 um for PC termination optical...

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 7

LuxCis@ PRODUCT RANGE LuxCis TERMINI DIMENSIONS ML version dimensions (mm/inches) MT version dimensions (mm/inches) 0.9mm bufferversion dimensions (mm/inches) Please refer to following pages for information on spcifie parts to be ordered to insert the LuxCis® termini inside multipin connectors: EPXB Pages 14-15 MIL-DTL-38999 Pages 20-21-22 ARINC 600/NSX Pages 16-17-18-19 RADIAL 7

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 8

LuxCis® ADAPTERS Type Version Alignement sleeve Part number Dimensions LuxCis® to LuxCis® Simplex Bulkhead feedthrough type Ceramic zirconia F725 701 100 Fig. 1 LuxCis® to LuxCis® Simplex Straight Ceramic zirconia F725 700 100 Fig. 2 LuxCis® to LC Simplex LC panel cutout Ceramic zirconia F719 060 000 Fig. 3 LuxCis® to LC Duplex LC panel cutout Ceramic zirconia F719 058 010 Fig. 4 LuxCis® to LC Duplex MIL-DTL-38999 panel cutout Ceramic zirconia F719 058 000 Fig. 5 1|0 TOOLS For extraction of the LuxCis® termini from the adapters: Description /function Part number Plastic Extraction tool (M81...

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 11

LuxCis@ PRODUCT RANGE CABLE ASSEMBLIES gnerai features Example : LuxCis® to LuxCis® typical cable assembly Length Ferrule tip to ferrule tip PERFORMANCES Multimode PC 850nm/1310nm Singlemode UPC 1310nm/1550nm Singlemode APC8° 1310nm/1550nm Attnuation IEC 61300-3-4 method B 0.50 dB max (*) 0.50 dB max (*) 0.50 dB max (*) Return Loss IEC 61300-3-6 >20dB >50dB > 60dB (*) Thꩨse values are given for length > 10 meters (33 feet). CABLE STRUCTURE Aramides strength members Fiber 125^171 ^_ Jacket 1.5to2 mm Dia Primary coating 250 uni Buffer gooum Loose structure Tight structure Ultra tight...

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 13

LuxCis@ PRODUCT RANGE CABLE ASSEMBLIES ORDERING INFORMATION Select each lment from the matrix below in order to build your part number SINGLEMODE FIBER OPTIC (G652) LUXCISSM50 52 驀 LC50 L100 A A A A - Connector or Termini 1 - LUXCISSM50 LuxCis®termini / PC polished/ return loss 50dB LUXCISSM8 LuxCis®termini / 8° angled polished/ return loss 60 dB B - Fiber/cable (see table below "recommended cable types") - Code Fibersize Cable diameter Structure Type 58 9/125 0.9mm Loose Simplex 60 9/125 0.9mm Tight Simplex 73 9/125 2mm . Tight Simplex C - Connector or Termini 2 LUXCISSM50 LuxCis®termini /...

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ARINC 801 LuxCis® Termini - 14

LuxCis@ EPX LuxCis® FIBER OPTIC TERMINI IN EPXB CONNECTORS EPXB sries is a new high density unique concept of rectangular modular and versatile connectors suitable for disconnect panels or equipment with three mounting styles : rack, cable to cable and panel mounting. MAIN FEATURES - Slim shell design with high contact density - Stackable shells that do not require additional space for locking and unlocking the connectors - Optional ground blocks (to meet FAA HIRF requirements) - Inserts can be wired in the shop and later installed in the shells - Inserts and shells are keyed to prevent...

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