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We understand that metal is precious in your business. With our software, your company can significantly reduce inventory and increase material utilisation, allowing you to realise true return on your investment.

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Radan is the total CAD, CAM soluti Radan3D is a high performance 3D modelling package designed to make sheet metal design accurate and simple, with the manufacturing process in mind. Radan understands sheet metal manufacturing requirements. Typical issues such as bend allowance and corner relief are all taken into account with Radan3D. 3D parts are automatically developed for onward processing into Radpunch, Radprofile or Radbend, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow from design to manufacture. Radan3D works the same way sheet metal engineers think, providing an easy to use 3D modelling...

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lution for the sheet metal industry Radan successfully drives thousands of profiling machine tools worldwide. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Radpunch, the Radan punch/profile solution delivers optimisation for punch, profile and combination machine tools. This formidable combination will expand with a customer to program all their future punch, laser, plasma, router and combination machine tool investments from one system. Radbend is the market leading offline programming solution for press brakes. Completely integrated with Radan3D, SolidWorks and Autodesk Inventor, Radbend provides...

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Radan Limpley Mill Limpley Stoke Bath BA2 7FJ United Kingdom tel : +44 (0) 118 922 6666 email : info@radan.com web : www.radan.com Jason Chauhan - JC Metal Works “ Undoubtedly, Radan has saved Hydram money, from the benefits of the integrated programming system across our machine tools through to efficient nesting and time saved with offline programming. ” Andrew Jordan - Hydram “ We use Radan because it’s so flexible and is the industry standard for the prototyping that we do. ” Patrick Holt - NES Architectural

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