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COMPANY PROFILE RAD Single Speed 6 RAD High Speed 7 RAD Transducer Verification 8 RAD Wheel Nut Bolting & OTR Mining 9 B-RAD BATTERY SERIES B-RAD BL Select B-RAD BL Select Offset B-RAD BL S DIGITAL B-RAD V-RAD ELECTRIC SERIES V-RAD Select DB-RAD BATTERY SERIES E-RAD BLU E-RAD BLU-S AUDIT EQUIPMENT RAD Smart Sockets™ RAD Calibration Systems ACCESSORIES 23 RAD Safety Accessories Reaction Arms Regulator and Tool Holder Nose Extensions Precision Bolting for over 25 Years PRODUCT REFERENCE CHART

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 3

COMPANY PROFILE Welcome to RAD Torque Systems. We are the leading Canadian manufacturer of extreme torque equipment, which includes pneumatic, battery powered, and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches. With more than 25 years in the industry, we’re proud to say that we’re Canadian owned and operated. We manufacture all of our tools in Abbotsford, BC, which gives us greater control over every piece that goes into our products. We don’t just give you a great tool; we ensure its quality from conception through to production and even years after its initial use. The RAD Torque Systems...

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 4

RAD SINGLE SPEED Extreme duty torque wrenches for heavy duty applications! Also available with built-in transducers - visit the RAD TV Series! Extreme duty torque wrenches with high RPM productivity More than 25 years of experience in gearbox engineering and design has RAD High Speed torque wrenches incorporate a precision- brought about our latest generation in planetary gearboxes – RAD Single engineered high-speed gearbox designed for faster run down Speed. Designed for extreme duty use in a variety of industries worldwide, and quick reaction point positioning on time sensitive bolting...

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 5

RAD Pneumatic torque wrench with a built in transducer for verification and Accidents caused by incorrectly tightened wheel nuts are a serious traceability! With strain gauge technology, you can record every bolt cycle. problem. That’s why the RAD Wheel Nut Bolting was designed with one job in mind: wheel nut bolting where torque control is a must. The RAD Transducer Verification (TV) solves an ongoing problem in the bolting industry: incorrect air supply and wrong tool operation RAD planetary gear torque wrenches are vibration free and have the can cause differences in torque output of...

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 6

E-RAD BLU SERIES All E-RAD BLU Tool Kits Include: E-RAD BLU Ability to use different handles per controller case! The system of choice for the wind industry, the E-RAD BLU precision torque wrench tools are designed to provide a high degree of accuracy (+/- 2.8%) and repeatability (+/- 2%). Using a patented gearbox design and the precision of an electric AC Servo motor, these tools deliver smooth continuous torque. Best of all, it’s the most affordable system on the market. Reaction arm & retaining ring E-RAD Tool Handle E-RAD BLU TOUCH CONTROL CASE E-RAD Touch Controller Single 15' Cable...

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 7

E-RAD BLU-S B-RAD BATTERY SERIES Supreme Transducer Technology with High Accuracy. The E-RAD BLU-S is the newest addition to the E-RAD BLU product line from RAD. Equipped with a transducer, the E-RAD BLU-S allows for the highest accuracy on the market and features operator identification, which ensures traceability of each torque sequence performed. With a pass/fail indicator on both sides, and password protection, you’ll be Each B-RAD Battery Series Tool Includes: sure you’re getting controlled and accurate torquing. selectable presets, quick error-free torque and angle adjustments,...

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 8

B-RAD BL SELECT OFFSET NEW! Offset gearboxes for tight spaces. The newly designed B-RAD BL Select Series offers higher speed and longer battery life while incorporating a new torque display with The newly designed B-RAD BL Select Offset Series offers more flexability for those tight spaces. With higher speed and longer battery life while incorporating a new torque display with buttons. buttons. The B-RAD BL Select allows the user to easily select the The B-RAD BL Select Offset allows the user to easily select the target torque. Patented Product. • target torque. Patented Product. Now with...

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 9

DIGITAL B-RAD Ideal for applications where compressed air is not available! Up to 2 times faster than previous version! The highest accuracy on the market. The newest addition to the B-RAD series is the B-RAD BL S. Equipped with a built-in transducer, the B-RAD BL S makes Digital B-RAD powered torque wrenches are the world’s first digital, torquing and logging easier and more efficient than ever with cordless, and lithium-ion battery tool on the market. With advanced its ability to read and display torque in real time. With torque patented technology containing digital display and single...

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 10

V-RAD ELECTRIC SERIES All V-RAD Electrical Series Tool Includes: • Reaction arm & retaining ring Weatherproof storage case Safety instructions and operators manual on USB Flash Drive Calibrated to ISO 17025 standards LIGHTWEIGHT + COMPACT ELECTRIC POWERED TORQUE WRENCH 18 V-RAD SELECT Quick adjust torque settings. Equal power in forward and reverse. V-RAD Select electric series are a new generation of electric torque wrenches used for the installation or removal of heavy duty fasteners where accuracy, power, and safety are required. Quick adjust torque settings. Equal power in forward and...

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RAD Catalogue – Imperial (2021) - 11

RAD AUDIT EQUIPMENT All RAD Smart Sockets Include: • Weatherproof storage case Instant torque read-out of your live application! Strain gauge technology measures torque applied to bolt. Patented Product. The RAD Smart Sockets™ use RAD Torque’s transducer technology combined with a custom socket to measure the actual torque applied to the bolt during a torque cycle. By innovative design, the Smart Sockets™ is no larger than a standard socket. Its compact size and innovative technology makes the Smart Sockets™ a perfect audit tool for inspecting bolted joints and it can function as a master...

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