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ABOUT RAD TORQUE SYSTEMS ADVANCED BOLTING TECHNOLOGY More than 25 years of gearbox design and engineering. As a leading Canadian manufacturer of pneumatic, battery powered and electronic pistol grip torque wrenches, our proprietary precision tools are successfully used in the oil and gas, wind energy, petrochemical, mining, aerospace and manufacturing industries around the world. Over a decade ago, we pioneered and patented the first programmable digital torque technology enabling effortless data collection and highly precise Bluetooth calibration. We continue to innovate and achieve the highest level of quality and performance. Our operations are designed for maximum flexibility and responsiveness, ensuring every customer receives outstanding service. RAD Torque Systems is owned and operated by New World Technologies Inc., a company that continues to invest in and employ the latest technology to achieve the highest level of innovation, quality, and performance – which has resulted in multiple patents. Certi icate # L2325 Calibration TORQUE WRENCH O N THE MARKET NEW WORLD TECHNOLOGIES INC 30580 PROGRESSIVE WAY | ABBOTSFORD, BC V2T 6Z2 | CANADA T: 604.852.0405 | F: 604.852.0269 | E: INFO@RADTORQUE.COM | RADTORQUE.COM

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HOLDING EVERYTHING TOGETHER AT 35,000FT Having worked with aerospace companies for more than two decades, we understand that engineers and mechanics like you - who build and repair commercial airplanes - need the right tools to get jobs done safely and efficiently. We work with you to design and manufacture custom high-torque wrenches, offsets, multipliers and reaction arms to solve problems and complete tasks that are unique to your industry. Peace of mind RAD Torque Systems' multipliers can provide your mechanics with accurate data so they can rest assured that components are...

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