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RACO´s Spring Brake Actuator System - The safe solution

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RACO SPRING LOADED BRAKE SYSTEMS — electromechanical operation —

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Electromechanical Spring Loaded Brake System with Open or Closed Loop Electronic Control RACO Spring Loaded Brake Actuators are pure electromechanical devices suitable for virtually all rail based transportation systems. They feature a jerk-free reliable braking without danger of freezing or icing-up. The units ideally solve functions such as holding and emergency braking but are also suitable as emergency brakes and active brakes, with open or closed loop control electronics. In the event of failure of electrical cicuitry or power failure the spring loaded fail safe system produces...

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Spring applied, electromechanically released brake actuators are commonly used across a diverse range of transportation and industrial Pictured here are a number of typical light railway and trolley car installations. Explosion proof versions are also available for use in hazardous environments such as under- ground mine locomotives. Electromechanical operation ensures reliabi- lity even under extreme environmental condi- tions such as very low temperature and has • Compact dimensions and low weight • Very simple installation and connection • Progressive jerk-free braking • Low installation...

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R ACO Spring Loaded Brake Actuator Types Ball Screw Type Ball Screw Type Eccentric Type Ball Screw Type Ball Screw Type Special types based upon your specifications Emergency brake wear compensation A wide variety of options are available for emergency manual brake release as well as for the automatic or electronically controlled brake lining compensation. Special versions are also available, for example using hydraulic mechanisms.

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RACO Spring Loaded Brake Actuator O Spring Pack (belleville spring) with eccentric shaft and thrust rod. Type: GBM III 0 Planetary Gearbox contains the following main elements: 0 DC motor with electromagnetic brake RACO Spring Loaded Brake Actuator contains the following main elements: O Spring Pack (multiple helical spring) with ball screw assembly and thrust rod 0 Planetary gearbox with electromagnetic brake Operating Principle The rotation of the DC motor is translated into linear motion of the push-rod, by an eccentric shaft in the case of Type GBM III or through a non-self locking ball...

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RACO-Elektro-Maschinen GmbH RACO HIGH PRECISION BALL SCREWS RACO has 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of electro- mechanical actuators and braking systems. In close partnership with customers world-wide, RACO have applied their skills and expertise to a continuous programme of developing and refining a range of products which provide clean, efficient and cost effec- tive solutions to motion-control and braking applications. The consequences of past industriali- sation on our environment should be RACO Spring Loaded Brake Systems make not only a positive contribution to...

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