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Diverter Gates RACO Electric Cylinders SMART SOLUTIONS FOR RAW MATERIAL HANDLING, TRANSPORTATION AND STORING RACO supports your process automation In materials-handling technology – particularly when handling bulk goods – the trend towards introducing control and regulation technology is increasing all the time. As a manufacturer of electric cylinders, RACO can offer different solutions for simple implementation in a wide range of different automatic systems which meet the requirements of modern process control: On top of this, the reduction of waste material quantities and the ecological...

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RACO gets things moving In raw material handling systems, environmental influences are especially relevant with regard to operational safety. RACO electric cylinders prove their performance potential with high availability even under rough working conditions in numerous applications in loading stations and transport equipment. I nsensitive to major fluctuations in ambient temperatures. => wide tolerance range for operational temperature without additional costs for heating / cooling which are required for medium-operated systems (oil & air). R eady for operation even after long periods in...

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Deflector Plate RACO Schwelm RACO electric cylinders are easily integrated into existing systems Positive influences on the life-cycle cost balance With the new RACOmatic®, the RACO electric cylinders can be upgraded to form an actuator with a decentralised control unit. Previously, mainly hydraulically operated systems were used. Hydraulic units were regarded as particularly powerful and robust, but also required elaborate care and maintenance of the components such as cylinders, pressure oil supply and pipe system. The control of the RACO electric cylinder offers numerous advantages over...

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RACO Schwelm RACO – Technology & Quality RACO builds on partnerships New product requirements lead to the new features of our products. As a manufacturer of high-quality actuators for linear positioning tasks, RACO has constantly enhanced and extended its product range in a focussed manner. The consistent focus on customer requirements in every new task requires great innovative thinking and is a core competency at RACO. Since 1 July 2003, the new ATEX directives have been in force in Europe. We produce electric cylinders in strict compliance with these EU directives and the European...

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RACO Schwelm Our know-how is your customer benefit! As a competent supplier of components to complex systems, RACO provides attractive solutions which also open up saving potentials. No matter what kind of cost saving we're talking about – longer tool lives, shorter process times, convenient assembly, maintenance freedom, weight reduction – our range has numerous alternative solutions to offer. Based on the experience gained from different applications and more than 250,000 products actually in use, customer-related special solutions for special areas of application are another RACO domain....

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