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RACO PATH SENSOR ELECTRONIC POSITION SENSOR EPS The intelligent solution for integrated control: the Electronic Position Senor RACO is simplifying the automation of electric cylinders by means of an easy-to-use intelligent solution. the control and switch function into advantages are inductive position mapping and feedback and for setting Like an absolute multi-turn encoder, a magnetic holder with magnet. Compared with a classic set-up with mechanical limit switches and individually adaptable manual trans- mission, installation, repairs, main- tenance and upgrading are all easier. The RACO positioning system has been designed especially for positio- ning electro-mechanical actuators for carrying out linear movements. In this case, the determination of position does not take place using the classical electromechanical method, rather it is realized inductively through magnetic field coupling. Position mapping even takes place without operating voltage being applied, since a lithium battery supplies the data store with power. This means referencing is not necessary after the device has been disconnected from the mains power supply. The buffer function is guaran- teed for a service life of 10 years. The RACO path sensor also provides an incomparable degree of flexibility. In order to be able to fulfil present and future requirements, it has newly developed intelligent technology. Thanks to the flexible modular set-up, the functions can be adapted in such a way that they match the individual requirements of the end user. RACO path sensory stands out thanks to its easy handling and high degree of reliability. In the basic version it is suitable for mapping final positions, and in the full version for complex position mapping and evaluation This RACO solution means enormous cost-saving potential for the user. The straightforward set-up procedure reduces costs for installation working method and increased reliability also lead to savings over the whole system service life, as do the reduced maintenance requirements and increased system and process

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ELECTRONIC POSITION SENSOR EPS PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTICS AND TECHNICAL DATA The electronic position sensor device housing A at the second RACO actuator motor or in the coupling housing when motors with manual actuation are used. With the basic version type: using two buttons. In addition, switch (optional) can be activated using a button. An LED display supports the simple set-up and provides possibilities for checking that initialisation has been The motor temperature switch can be linked directly to the elec- tronics of the position sensor EPS. When the thermal switch is trigge- red,...

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