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Product Overview - 3

Top-Quality presentedworld wide RACO's concepts and productsare being applied all around the world, even under the most stringent environmental condi-tions. RACO's electric actuator,linear actuators, springloadedbrake systems and components such as ball screws have shown what they can do incountless applications spanningthe entire range from heavy mining operations to ultra fast precision positioning in auto-matic production machinery. Our products are always theresult of intensive communication with our customers. This handson practical communication fromone engineer to the other over-...

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Product Overview - 4

Our principle is to give you maximumquality The name RACO stands for maximumquality of engineered positioning and material handling equipment. And theresa good reason for it. We manufacture allof the essential components for our products in our own facility. This meanswe can incorporate the technical aspectsof the application for the electric actuator early in the manufacturing process of the spindle. Our experience in the manufac-turing of ACME and Ball Screw spindlesguarantees a maximum of operating reliability. We check every product leavingour production line right down to the...

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Product Overview - 5

RACO gets things moving RACO's products are an example of application diversity. It ranges from singleleaf bascule bridges to parabolic observa-tory antennas and from automatic window ventilation system in botanic gardens toletter and parcel sorting applications. If ithas to move, our electro-mechanical actuator systems get it moving withprecision, speed and durability. We'reconstantly discovering new applications for RACO's multi-talented actuators all around the world. A highly specialized job A typical order: A customer needs an electric actuator that will work reliablyunder harsh...

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Product Overview - 6

Type A Design: Electric Actuator with a RACO Motor A wide range of applications > RACO electric actuator cover a broad range of applications. Our modular systemof subassemblies includes five basicdesign types with eleven sizes for per- formance ranging from 0.3 kN (70 lbs.) to 600 kN (135,000 lbs.) of thrust. Our stan-dard linear speeds range from 5 mm/persecond (0.2) to 750 mm/per second (30Ԕ) and standard strokes span from 100 mm (3.9) to 2000 mm (78.8Ԕ). Thanks to theirtechnical specifications, RACOs electricactuators can be applied in a wide variety of applications from precision...

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Product Overview - 7

Precision mechanics You should be able to measure achieve-ment. RACOs electric actuators with ball screws give performance that you can measure in service life. ItҒs notuncommon for them to be cycled morethan 1 million times even under harsh conditions. Its robust design is the resultof many years of design and developmentof an almost frictionless actuator. At an efficiency of 95 percent, RACO ball screw actuators attain life cycles upwards ofseveral decades. Superior electronics We offer RACO electric actuator completewith a digital control unit. Our built-incontrol module encompasses...

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Product Overview - 8

Integrated applications RACO is a system house. Therefore, we develop complete application specificlinear motion systems based upon ourproduct portfolio, including servo and stepper motors as well as the associatedamplifiers and control units. For example,such systems are employed in fully automated post and package sortingsystems. Naturally we also supply ourcustomers with individual modules that can be integrated into existing systems. LM3 and LM4 linear actuators the fast ones RACO is known for its versatility, and thatcan also be said of our linear actuators.We developed the LM3 and LM4...

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Product Overview - 9

A strong profile Both the RACO spindle and the matchingball nut are ground in an air conditioned manufacturing environment. We engagein these efforts, since the accuracy, as weguarantee it, can only be achieved by pre- cision grinding. The geometrical contou- ring accuracy of our ball nut and spindleprofile are crucial for the considerably lon-ger service life of our ball screws, as com- pared with the products manufactured under conventional techniques. Beyondthis, our inductive hardening techniquewith its considerable penetration depth creates the prerequisite that each spindle can be...

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Product Overview - 10

The safe solution RACOs spring energy loaded brake sys-tems account for a maximum security. These units are working simply as an elec-tric mechanical device and, therefore, areparticularly suitable for the use in light rail vehicles. The brake operation is absolutelysmooth without any jerking. Environmentalconditions such as freezing or ice up of the brake system can not occur based on the electric mechanical design. Springenergy loaded brake systems from RACOare used for final deceleration, parking, emergency and as auxiliary or secondarysafety brakes. The inherent fail safe designwill...

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Product Overview - 11

Innovative engineering Modern systems need innovative engineering. Based on your conceptualdesign our sales engineers will develop asolution that will be distinguished by the highest reliability and maximum productivity. We integrate actuationdevices, control elements and electroniccomponents to create application specific systems. We can fall back on numerous pastengineering projects for the developmentof our systems applications. Its this wealth of experience out of the motiontechnology combined with nextgeneration technology that qualify us to tackle even highly complex jobs, such as...

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Product Overview - 12

Service that makes youstrong At RACO, the emphasis is on service. We offer our repair service for all of our products,no matter when they werebuilt. We rebuild all components in our workshop, even those that have been inservice for decades. Weproduce and supply original parts even after half a century, beyond any legal requirements.We achieve this bydocumenting and archiving every stop of the way in the planning, procurement andproduction process for eachindividual unit. That is the kind ofinvestment reliability youvebeen looking for Give us a call and we will put you in contact immediately...

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