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RACO- Electric Actuators Intelligent Sensor Actuator Tactile linear movement with integrated load cell in thrust tube Electrical cylinder with a load cell built into the thrust tube. When embedded into a feedback control loop it will enable precise thrust control. Integrated load cell for compact unit size 4 & 5 Direct thrust measurement in the thrust tube of the cylinder Powerful performance Requirement for an intelligent sensor control of the electrical cylinder High sensitivity Measurement of thrust (compression/ tension) Applications: Assembly and joining of parts; Thrust controlled test bench inspections; Overload shut down Protected by tactile sensor For Industrial Applications Pre-selected load cell range rated to the electrical cylinder Possible motor combinations with the sensor cylinder: AC- Motor; DC – Motor; Servo Motor; Stepper Motor High dynamic load range

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Application examples Technical data for the load cell Load Cell Output Signal Sensitivity Power Supply Reference Temp. Nominal Temp. Range Operating Temp. Zero Point Max. Load Shear Load Isolation Resistant Connector Positioning and control cylinder T6E4 with integrated load cell in the thrust unit for positioning and parts joining applications with thrust measurement or overload shut down. Positioning of slit gate and butter fly valves. Nominal Thrust +/- 10 kN (2,250 lb.)(compression/tension) Class 2 strain gage with integrated amplifier +/- 10 VDC; accuracy class 0,2% or 4 / 12 / 20 mA;...

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