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COMPACT Positioning and Control Cylinder

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The tried-and-trusted positioning and control actuator for dynamic handling, control and automation processes is introducing a new advanced generation. The actuator has been prepared for future requirements by means of an integrated current vector-controlled frequency converter with speed and position control as well as the EPSCAN absolute value transmitter as a positioning measuring system in combination with our RACO 3-phase motor. New features: Standard connection 1x230 VAC or 3x380..500 VAC, 50-60 Hz Absolute, high-resolution positioning measuring system EPS-CAN Speed control Current vector control Precise positioning Optional field bus assemblies The advanteges are obvious: As before, the positioning and control actuator is precisely triggered in terminal mode with up to 8 fixed positions via 3 digital inputs and controller enable or continually via analog setpoint value specification (0-10 V or 0(4)..20 mA). Optional bus assemblies for PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet and EtherCat make complete control of the functions of one or more actuators possible. The high-resolution positioning measuring system EPS-CAN is used as a multiturn absolute value transmitter. With 4096 increments per revolution and max. 32768 revolutions, it works absolutely wear-free and registers the position even in the event of a power failure. This means reference runs are no longer necessary. Speed control leads to a load-independent and even movement, controlled by means of adjustable acceleration and deceleration ramps for the gentle movement of high weights. The current vector control has an almost linear characteristic to limit the max. thrust i.e. integrated overload cut-off. The basic equipment of the positioning and control actuator includes: Push-pull unit with generously dimensioned actuator spindle and maintenance-free "long-life lubrication" RACO 3-phase motor with integrated frequency converter, EPS-CAN absolute value transmitter Speed control and positioning The parameters for positions, acceleration, deceleration etc. are set using the RACOMatic® Windows tool included in the scope of supply. The default configuration is as follows: 8 fixed positions via 3 digital inputs or analog position setpoint value, each with controller enable Analogue position reset and 4 adjustable position resets as well as a fault output RACO Schwelm

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INTELLIGENT POSITIONING AND CONTROL COMPACT SERIES (TYPE 6) PERFORMANCE FEATURES PERFORMANCE FEATURES OF THE RACO POSITIONING CYLINDER One of the 4 inputs is reserved for the actuator's controller enable/cut-off. The intelligent positioning cylinder of the new generation is available as type T6C4-105 with trapezoidal acme screw and as K6C4-105 for high dynamics and cycle rates with RACO precision ball screw. For continual actuation, the required position is specified via an analog input (0(4)..20 mA or 0.10 V) as a setpoint value. When the controller enable is switched on, this position is...

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INTELLIGENT POSITIONING AND CONTROL RACO Schwelm COMPACT SERIES (TYPE 6) TECHNICAL DATA RACO positioning motor comprising a RACO 3phase asynchronous motor with integrated frequency converter, position control electronics and absolute value transmitter EPS-CAN for position measuring Connection voltage either 1 x 230 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, motor 0.55 kW or 3 x 380 .. 500 VAC, 50 - 60 Hz, motor 0.55 kW thermal monitor, protection rating IP 54, filter in accordance with EMC directive; Ambient temperature -25°C ... + 50°C Extract from performance data: Type Linear speed adjustable RACO - Motor...

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INTELLIGENT POSITIONING AND CONTROL COMPACT SERIES (TYPE 6) WIRING DIAGRAM / MAIN DIMENSIONS Wiring diagram Shown Dimensions for Frequency Converter Size B (Size A shown in brackets) *) plus 67 mm with brake ausfahrend extending Technical modifications may be carried out without separate marking Main dimensions thrust CHOP frequency converter option brake analog output / actual position analog input / position-setpoint retracted preposition extended preposition retracted endposition extended endposition Optional: Swivel Foot Bracket Z/SLB0101 see Datasheet 3.6.001 (Accessories) RACO...

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