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COMPACT Actuator Type 6 Small in Size but big in Performance The RACO COMPACT series actuators have extremely short build-length but high thrust force capacity - and just like the bigger RACO modular actuator range, they are purely electro-mechanical. The RACO COMPACT series is economically priced and in view of its space design the ideal actuator for many industrial applications such as: Designed for use in a wide range of pushpull applications the RACO COMPACT has the following advantages: wide performance range automation and mechanical handling equipment goods handling: lifting tables, loading bays, barrel lifters robust construction small compact dimensions high performance trafc ow: industrial doors, barriers and warning signs applicable to high frequency operations ow control: buttery valves, ap valves, diverters cost effective transmission: brakes, locking devices, couplings maintenance free linear motion without the disadvantages of pneumatic or hydraulic systems reliable even in extreme environmental conditions RACO-COMPACT Thrust Linear Speed * * At lower thrusts there are possible higher speeds. Detailed technical data are available from extra prospectuses.

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COMPACT with IP 65 DC motor Various types of thrust tube ttings Timing belt drive with ange mounting design option RACO COMPACT actuators ensure trouble-free, smooth operation and a long working life with: a generously dimensioned spindle shaft and bearing assembly with end-of-stroke buffer spindle nut of high grade materials with integral grease reservoir (long-life lubrication) precision-manufactured high contact area thread used on the spindle and nut Drive Motors Micro processors for servo and stepper motor The RACO COMPACT can be supplied with several different drive congurations. The...

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