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RACO ELECTRIC CYLINDER INTELLIGENT POSITION AND CONTROL CYLINDER powerful thrust movements in push and pull applications For dynamic handling and auto- mation processes, RACO offers a cost effective position and control actuator whereby the mechanical actuation unit (push / pull) is combined with an intelligent positioning motor. The compact design in conjunction with a high power density, position accuracy and high duty cycle are the distinguished features of the intelli- gent position and control actuator. positioning actuator can be used for a wide range of positioning applications in the entire arena of the automation technology field. The position and control actuator includes in its standard version the following components: ■ Thrust unit: Industrial designed powerful screw with maintenance free long life lubrication. The positioning and control cylinder has been designed for operation as a decentralized controlled actuator and incorporates, in addition to a frequen- cy converter, a position sensor and position control. The resolution of the encoder is 512 pulses per revolution on the motor shaft and more than suitable for most positioning applica- tions. Plug-and-move technology, in conjunction with the supplied windows configuration tool, ensures that the microprocessor of the electric linear actuator can be easily parameterized so that it virtually achieves the functions of a servo- motor. The parameters supplied by the client can be readily works adjusted for rapid commissioning and realization of simple control circuits (open & closed loop). The positioning and control cylinder fulfils the requisite ■ RACO Positioning motor Asynchronous alternate current motor with thermal contact and frequency converter, Pulse encoder with position electronic: The parameter setting for ramp function, speed or acceleration control and slow down is realized by: ■ 2 analog input channels (continuous position and speed) ■ 4 digital control input channels via optocoupler, programmable 3 digital control output channels (motor start, position feedback, hazard diagnose)

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INTELLIGENT POSITION AND CONTROL CYLINDER COMPACT SERIES (TYPE 6) CONTROL CYLINDER RACO electric cylinder actuators with positioning motor are avail- able as type T6E4 with trapezoidal thread drive and K6E4 with ball screw drive from the COMPACT series. Actuation forces of up to can be implemented with these actuators. An internal potential- free power source enables direct connection of contact probes, switches or relays with the inputs and outputs without requiring an external power supply unit. The unit provides, as a hardware interface, four digital input signals, with the capability to...

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INTELLIGENT POSITION AND CONTROL CYLINDER RACO Schwelm COMPACT SERIES (TYPE 6) TECHNICAL DATA / OPTIONS Position Motor: The intelligent RACO position motor consists of a three phase asynchronous motor with an integrated variable frequency drive, a rotor angular encoder coupled with the position control feed back system and the configurable application software. Nominal Power: 0,5 kW; lN= 3,5 A; Thermal protection Protection class: IP 54, Filter acc. EMC-directive Abstract out of the performance data: *please indicate preferred stroke (100-600 mm) reference run; hard coded zero point for the...

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INTELLIGENT POSITION AND CONTROL CYLINDER COMPACT SERIES (TYPE 6) MAIN DIMENSIONS / INTERFACE DIAGRAM RACO Schwelm Main Dimensions Optional Foot Bracket Interface diagram input 5 {snat*! drive) wilt- !rtt]uCritj DC/DC Convert*- Our in house application engineers will assist you with your application. Call us. © COPYRIGHT RACO, Dec. 2005. Technical innovations and or modifications are subject to be changed without notice. RACO Elektro-Maschinen GmbH eMail:

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