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AccelePort® Xr 920 Multiport Serial Cards Serial card designed for a wide range of applications allows a variety of parameter settings, superior CPU utilization, fast data throughput, and extra surge protection on every pin. Overview The AccelePort Xr 920 family is one of the industry’s best known multiport serial I/O cards. Designed for multi-user and Remote Access Service (RAS) applications, these serial cards deliver reliable, cost-effective serial port expansion. They are ideal for use in Point-of-Sale (POS), industrial control processing, data collection and office automation applications. An on-board 32-bit IDT RISC processor delivers up to 921.6 Kbps of data throughput. CPU utilization is optimized by the efficient handling of serial I/O communication interrupts, character processing and data transfers. Hardware and software flow control ensures absolute data integrity. The AccelePort Xr 920 features multi-strike surge protection on every pin. The AccelePort Xr 920 family offers wide application flexibility and scalability. It includes two-, four- and eight-port models and is available in RS-232 and RS-422 versions. It supports a wide range of operating systems and accessories including fan-out cables and external I/O connector boxes. Application Highlight Bank HQ Bank Branch AccelePort® 8r 920 WAN Data Server Banking Server RS-232/422 Serial Teller Terminals Features/Benefits • Flexible port and serial interface options • RISC-based processor enhances overall system throughput by offloading CPU communication bottlenecks Target Applications • PCI and PCI-X compatible for flexible deployments • Universal PCI bus slot supports 3.3V and 5V • Full modem control and hardware/software flow control • Heavy-duty surge protection on all pins for superior reliability Industrial Automation Retail/POS Medical/Healthcare www.digi.com

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Visit www.digi.com for part numbers. DIGI SERVICE AND SUPPORT - You can purchase with confidence knowing that Digi is here to support you with expert technical support and a strong five-year warranty, www.digi.com/support Digi International Digi International Digi International Digi International nfo@digi.com www.digi.fr www.digi-intl.co.jp www.digi.cn All rights reserved. Digi, Digi International, the Digi logo and AccelePort are trademarks or registered trademarks of Digi Internationa nc. in the United States and other countries worldwide. All other trademarks are the property of their...

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