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"Speed control" rewinding brake

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...discover the “Speed control” strength point

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“SPEED CONTROL” REWINDING BRAKE ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS STRENGTH POINTS SLOWED REWINDING The Speed Control brake reduces the rewinding speed in case of accidental hose release. For this reason, it is possible for the operators to work in safer conditions avoiding unexpected breakages of the tools connected with the hose. Designed with black high resistance techno-polymer cover tested to withstand the impacts. Entirely waterproof with IP65 protection degree. STAINLESS STEEL The stainless steel hose reel connection pin and screws are suitable for corrosive working environments....

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TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS MOLDED SEAL to guarantee the IP65 protection degree. SHOCKPROOF COVER FIXING SCREWS in stainless steel. in black high resistance techno-polymer. of the movement from the hose reel to the Speed Control brake in stainless steel. It works only during the rewinding phase. BRAKING SYSTEM created and designed by RAASM. Helpful hint The “Speed Control” components are not consumable and have a long lifetime. RAASM suggests to lubricate the internal gears once a year as indicated in the instruction manual.

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“SPEED CONTROL” REWINDING BRAKE The new RAASM brake is designed to control the hose rewinding speed in the series 430, 530, 540 and 560 of all the open hose reels (included the swivelling version, the ABS and painted or stainless steel models). The “Speed Control”, thanks to an easy and fast assembly, is usable everywhere and from any operator. It guarantees a controlled and safety rewinding speed in case of accidental hose release. The hose reel equipped with “Speed Control” is not suitable for installation in potentially explosive atmosphere P/N 843020 “Speed Control” rewinding brake...

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“SPEED CONTROL” HOW TO INSTALL THE BRAKE In the open series 430 the “Speed Control” can be mounted in the following positions: Along the fixing bracket In the open series 530, 540 and 560 the “Speed Control” can be installed as you like in the following three positions: Along the fixing bracket

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. Technology The research and development of cutting-edge solutions, carried out entirely in Italy, is the starting point for the entire production cycle. . Quality Offering high-quality products is one of our main objectives. Specific and rigorous tests accompany every single stage of the production process. . Efficiency RAASM offers a complete range of fluid management solutions suitable for many different sectors of use. Our success is founded on the ability to identify and satisfy the specific needs of our customers. RAASM S.p.A. 36022 S. ZENO DI CASSOLA (VI) Via Marangoni, 33 - ITALY...

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