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Overview of RAASM world

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the human side of Quality

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STUDY, RESEARCH AND DESIGN The real strength of a firm starts with the ability of its study and research departments to always find the most suitable solutions to address market demands. TESTING AND INSPECTIONS A sophisticated test room enables careful testing of the quality of new products before they are put on the market. Dedicated equipment specially designed to facilitate assembly operations, at the same time allowing an effective and automatic control of quality.

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STORAGE OF COMPONENTS Our vertical stores enable quick and careful preparation of the components and spare parts intended for assembly and sale. TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION QUALITY SAFETY RELIABILITY ASSISTANCE The aim is to always respond fully to the questions of our customers and meet all PiStheir needs.

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With 2 or 3    Automatic filling    With inflation gun WASHING TANKS AND NON-TOXIC SPRAYERS AISI 304 st. steel 24 l PIT OR FLOOR DRAINERS DEPLETED OIL DRAINERS Central or side sump    With or without prechamber    With pantograph Wall mounted pneumatic kit

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OIL AND GREASE DISPENSING HAND-OPERATED PUMPS - PNEUMATIC DISPENSERS GREASERS 13 kg Double-acting manual pump 16 - 24 l With lever or pedal 400 bar 13 kg High pressure 350 bar transfer 20 bar AIR-OPERATED OIL AND GREASE PUMPS Series 500 R 1:1-35 l/min Viton® seals Series 600 R 3:1-14 l/min NBR seals Series 650 R 5:1-18 l/min NBR seals Series 900 R 5:1-45 l/min PU seals Series 600 Series 700 Series 900 Series 1500 R 50:1-1500 g/min R 65:1-1900 g/min R 45:1-4400 g/min R 70:1-7000 g/min PU seals PU seals PU seals PU seals OIL AND GREASE DISPENSING KITS Movable platforms for oil dispensing with...

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DISPENSER GUNS, LITRE COUNTERS, PULSERS, SERVICE COLUMNS, FLUID CONTROL SYSTEM DISPENSER GUNS DIGITAL LITRE COUNTERS AND PULSER FOR OIL, DIESEL FUEL, ANTIFREEZE AND WINDSHIELD FLUID Series 1/2” Delivery 35-40 l/min Series 3/4” Delivery 70-90 l/min Series 1” Delivery 100-120 l/min S. 1/2” for antifreeze and windshield washing liquid. Delivery 40 l/min FLUID CONTROL SYSTEM Operator control unit (OCU)

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INDUSTRIAL AND DIAPHRAGM PUMPS, RAM HOISTS DIAPHRAGM PUMPS IN ALUMINIUM R 1:1 AVAILABLE DIAPHRAGMS In accordance with directive Atex POLYPROPYLENE DIAPHRAGM PUMPS - MOTOR IN ALUMINIUM R 1:1 Series 120-PB 1/2” - 60 l/min double inlet HYTREL® EPDM In accordance with directive Atex SANTOPRENETM PTFE + HYTREL® Series 1000-PB 1” - 170 l/min double inlet POLYPROPYLENE DIAPHRAGM PUMPS - MOTOR IN POLYPROP. R 1:1 Series 120-PPB 1/2” - 60 l/min double inlet Series 1000-PPB 1” - 170 l/min double inlet INDUSTRIAL AIR-OPERATED PUMPS OIL, GREASE AND INDUSTRIAL FLUIDS In accordance with directive Atex Oil...

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WHEN CHOOSING A HOSE REEL IT IS IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER: • type of fluid to be dispensed • delivery in l/min to be dispensed • length and width of the hose to be used • pressure of the fluid Air-Water 20/400 bar Oil and allied products 150 bar Grease 400 bar Diesel fuel 10 bar AdBlue® 10 bar Oil-Water 200 bar Oil-Paints 200 bar Welding 20 bar LPG-methane 20 bar • Electric collector designed for better performances also with high currents. • Thermal protector against overheating of the rewinded cable mounted in all the models. • IP44 protection degree provided for all the electrical parts. •...

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FIXED AND ADJUSTABLE INDUSTRIAL SERIES IN PAINTED STEEL AND AISI 304 - AISI 316 STAINLESS STEEL Supplied with hose in black synthetic rubber or hygienic blue rubber available with automatic hose guide rollers In accordance with directive Atex available with automatic hose guide rollers STANDARD SERIES WITH ENCLOSURE IN TECHNOPOLYMER, PAINTED STEEL OR AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL Supplied with polyurethane hose Series 250 Verniciati - Inox Series 300 Verniciati - Inox STANDARD SERIES IN PAINTED STEEL Supplied with polyurethane hose HOSE CHARACTERISTICS Polyurethane hose (blue) with protection...

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INDUSTRIAL SERIES WITH DRUM IN SHOCKPROOF ABS, OPEN OR ENCLOSED VERSION With supporting structure in painted steel or AISI 304 stainless steel Enclosure and bracket in painted steel Bracket in AISI 304 stainless steel Bracket in painted steel Inside drum in shockproof ABS INDUSTRIAL SERIES FOR SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS In accordance with directive Atex S. 530 - 540 - 560 Painted - Stainless steel for DIESEL FUEL S. 436 PAINTED S. 537 Stainless steel for AdBlue® S. 430 - 530 - 540 Painted DOUBLE INLET/OUTLET MANUAL SERIES WITH SECURITY SYSTEM In painted steel or stainless steel AISI 304 - 316 In...

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SERIES 500 HOSE REELS IN PAINTED STEEL With security system TROLLEY MOUNTED HOSE REELS In painted steel or stainless steel AISI 304 - 316 SERIES 600 MOTORIZED HOSE REELS IN PAINTED STEEL Available with hydraulic or pneumatic motor with 1” or 1.1/2” passage Series 617 - 637 Hydraulic width 220 - 400 mm Series 618 - 638 Pneumatic width 220 - 400 mm SERIES 700 MANUAL AND MOTORIZED HOSE REELS IN PAINTED STEEL Available with various motorizations with 2” passage

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CABLE REELS SERIES 280 - ENCLOSED HOSE REELS SERIES 280 Air-Water REWINDING CLUTCH “SPEED CONTROL” S. 280 400 V Three phase without socket S. 280 230 V Single phase with socket and Schuko plug BAYONET BRACKET CABLE REELS SERIES 280 - 290 with lamp SWIVELLING HOOK PROTECTED SWITCH S. 280 Without transformer fluorescent portable lamp and led S. 290 With transformer 230 V led portable lamp S. F230 - F12 - F24 Fluorescent lamp S. L1224 Led lamp GROUNDING CABLE REEL - Enclosed cable reel SERIES 280 - Cable reel SERIES 350 In accordance with directive Atex ANTI-DEFLAGRATION EARTHING PLIERS 10A

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