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Mid digital meter and guns

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HELP THE NATURE Packaging contains, depending on the articles, one or more of the following materials; they must be recycled in accordance with current regulations in the country of use. cardboard • polyethylene sack • polystyrene paper • wood • nails • plastic strap cellophane • clips • g

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the human side of Quality

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AND DESIGN The real strength of a firm starts with the ability of its study and research i ^^departments to always find the most suitable solutions to address market demands. LIFE TESTS A sophisticated test room enables careful testing of the quality of new products before they are put on the market. TESTING Each digital meter is computer tested to ensure utmost quality and high precision measurement

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ASSEMBLY LINES Dedicated equipment specially designed to facilitate assembly operations, at the same time allowing an effective and automatic control of quality. Our vertical stores enable quick and careful preparation of the components and spare parts intended for assembly and sale. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE RAASM target is to give always a comprehensive answer to its customers questions and to satisfy each of their single need.

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What’s this The new RAASM MID-certified digital meter is the mandatory tool required for commercial transactions involving direct sale of lubricants for public use. In compliance with the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU, MID MI-005 certification focuses on the continuous, dynamic quantity measurement for liquids other than water. RAASM offers solutions for the supply of oil and similar products suitable for every need, ensuring a high protection rating (IP65) and save data for 2000 dispensing operations.

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STANDARDS, GUIDELINES AND OTHER REGULATIONS tA How does it work? All RAASM digital meters are calibrated 100 Calibration is performed using only sophisticated equipment designed in-house by our R&D department. The units are sealed by applying a stainless steel wire on the screws closing the meter body. The certified minimum that can be dispensed is half a litre of oil; the total dispensed cannot be reset, however partial dispensing - up to 2000 entries can be saved with date and time - are overwritten so that the last 2000 recordings are always available. When the digital meter is...

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MID Digital meter TECHNICAL features SEALED BATTERY DOUBLE LAYER PROTECTIVE COVER ALUMINIUM BODY RAISED BUTTONS ON THE MEMBRANE A RIBBON WIRE CONNECTION BETWEEN THE BUTTONS ELECTRONIC CARD ASSEMBLED compartment assures continuous electronic contact in rugged working conditions. designed with a compact, shock-resistant structure. provides superior control and precision measurement. with protective cover fitted with large LCD screen. is welded permanently on the electronic card. provides an air tight seal with the aluminium body. produce an improved operational feel. and the electronic board...

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DISPLAY specifications Battery low level indicator. When it goes on, replace the batteries immediately. 5 digit resettable totalizer. Records total, instantaneous flow rate and number of dispensing operations saved (6-digit). T E C H N I C A L PERFORMANCE MPE (maximum permissible error) Max valore tra: 0,01 l (minimum error) Max. value between: 0,3% (supply > 2 l) The display provides simple, user-friendly indications to make use easier. Unit of measure for partial registration (litres). Displays instantaneous “FLOW RATE”. Indicates the “TOTAL” or “RESET TOTAL”. Unit of measure for partial...

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MID Digital meter For oil and allied products RAASM MID-certified digital meter is designed to measure oil and similar products in compliance with current European legislation. It let you view the total amount supplied - which cannot be reset - while the partial supplies can be displayed and saved. The instantaneous flow rate can be consulted on the display, as well as the number of dispensing operations saved to memory. It can also be mounted on guns already in use, provided the transparent display p/n 38119 and automatic nozzle p/n 38116 are also used. Measuring principle When the fluid...

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OVERALL DIMENSIONS strenght points • MID-MI005 Certification. • Reference Directive 2014/32/UE. • Sealed with stainless steel wire applied on screws after in-house calibration. Guarantee and quality of the components are our priority! Correct dimensional tollerances between gears and chamber grant the reliability and the accuracy of the meter. 4 magnets, placed on one of the two gear, give the pulses to the microprocessor during every rotation.

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Dispensing guns inlet filter • supplied on the entire protect range, guaranteeing cleaning of dispensed liquid while maintaining gun performance. Coloured caps supplied for all the range. Series DRIP-CATCHER NOZZLE Only 0 16 mm automatic drip-catcher nozzles are installed to guarantee maximum precision dispensing. TERMINAL Versions with flexible or rigid terminal are available. LEVER LOCKING BUTTON Depending on your needs, models are available both with and without the lever locking button. TRANSPARENT SIGHT GLASS Each gun has a transparent sight glass to check that there are no air bubbles...

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TECHNICAL FEATURES RAASM MID-certified guns are designed to measure oil and similar products in compliance with current European legislation. They accommodate the 37780M meter and confirm all technical characteristics. The range of guns available can meet every need and includes flexible or rigid terminals, handles in aluminium or technopolymer, lever • Precision, ergonomic design featuring compact, light-weight structure that ensures an easy, manoeuvrable grip. strength points • All accessory components required by law are available for implementation on the gun you already have so it can...

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Dispensing guns with flexible terminal Oil and allied products Series 1/2” 30 TP P/N 38145M with digital meter p/n 37780M Series 1 40"AL P/N 38155M with digital meter p/n 37780M Grip: in aluminum alloy Grip: technopolymer Series 1/2” 40 AP P/N 38185M with digital meter p/n 37780M

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