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Digital meter and pulser

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for lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, diesel fuel, antifreeze and windshield washing liquid and allied products MEASURING PRINCIPLE Rotation directions When the fluid enter in the oval gear chamber through the inlet “A”, the gears start to rotate. The gears start to rotate because of the pressure of the fluid which comes out from the outlet “B”. Each rotation corresponds to a determinate quantity of flui

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Correct dimensional tollerances between gears and chamber grant the reliability and the accuracy of the meter. 4 magnets, placed on one of the two gear, give the pulses to the microprocessor during every rotation.

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intends to “offer the best” through a continuos improvement in terms of performance, functionality and product’s reliability. Meter mounted on pump outlet The new electronic meter is the result of intense research and testing, combining modern manufacturing technology with a simple and intuitive design. All the components are produced in Italy, including the electronic board. Suitable for use in indoor and outdoor environments, the aluminium body is rugged and resists contamination. The sealed electronic board provides continuous reliability.

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Sealed battery compartment assures continuous electronic contact in rugged working conditions Aluminium body with special coating suitable also for antifreeze and windshield washing fluid precision measurement Robotically welded electronics board equipped with a wide LCD screen The display is welded permanently on the electronic card Double layer protective cover provides an air tight seal with the aluminium body Meter uses standard “off the shelf” two 1.5 v AAA batteries Oval gears made of POM or PVDF are highly resistant to fatigue and offer excellent chemical resistance A ribbon wire...

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Flow rate 35 l/min RAASM’s digital meters, besides gauging the liquid delivered, can show instant flow rates, provide a reset total and allow the setting of different units of measurement. RAASM's digital meters are suitable for a wide variety of fluids, from low to medium to high viscosities, including lubricants, diesel fuel, antifreeze, window wash liquid and other fluids compatible with the material of the meter. Compatible fluids Body’s material Gear’s material Inlet Outlet Delivery Max operating pressure Burst pressure Accuracy Net weight    0

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Flow rate Flow rate Flow rate Diesel fuel Diesel fuel Antifreeze and windshield washing liquid Oxidized aluminium FOR ANTIFREEZE AND WINDSHIELD WASHING LIQUID Meter with oil valv

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Pulser mounted on pump outlet Industrial meter assembly department organised to make a product ready for the final testing where meters are checked one by one.

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Aluminium body with special coating suitable also for antifreeze and windshield washing fluid Electronic card assembled with the protective cover Double layer protective cover provides an air tight seal with the aluminium body Oval gears made of POM or PVDF are highly resistant to fatigue and offer excellent chemical resistance The use of 4 magnets provides superior control and precision measurement Rigid plastic layer for best protection of electronic card PERFORMANCE • Precision ± 0,3% • Repeatibility ± 0,2% • Voltage max 120 V 10 W max • Max amperage 0,5 A max • Temperature ∆T -20 ÷ +70...

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The pulser meter is used to measure fluids and to transmit data. It is usually installed on centralized lubrication system to control and manage delivery of fluids. PULSER Meter Compatible fluids Body’s material Gear’s material Inlet Outlet Delivery Max operating pressure Burst pressure Accuracy Pulser per liter Max voltage Max amperage Max power Net weight    0 Packing    V

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FOR ANTIFREEZE AND WINDSHIELD WASHING LIQUID Diesel fuel Diesel fuel Aluminium Aluminium Antifreeze and windshield washing liquid Oxidized aluminium Single valve pulser meter connected with solenoid valve to be used with FCS system

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THREE WORDS TO DESCRIBE RAASM Technology The starting point for the entire production cycle is the research and development of cutting-edge new solutions which lead to the development of high quality products, fully produced in Quality The quality of our product manufacturing has always been our absolute priority. To reach this goal rigorous testing accompanies every phase of the manufacturing process. Functionality RAASM offers the most complete range of lubrication products suited to many sectors. Our aim is to always be available to provide solutions to our customers. RAASM S.p.A. 36022...

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