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Packaging contains, depending on the articles, one or more of the following materials; they must be recycled in accordance with current regulations in the country of use. cardboard • polyethylene sack • polystyrene paper • wood • nails • plastic strap cellophane • clips • gummed paper

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the human side of Quality

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AND DESIGN The real strength of a firm starts with the ability of its study and research departments to always find the most suitable solutions to address market demands. TESTING AND INSPECTIONS A sophisticated test room enables careful testing of the quality of new products before they are put on the market. ASSEMBLY LINES Dedicated equipment specially designed to facilitate assembly operations, at the same time allowing an effective and automatic control of quality.

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STORAGE OF COMPONENTS Our vertical stores enable quick and careful preparation of the components and spare parts intended for assembly and sale. TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION QUALITY SAFETY RELIABILITY TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE RAASM has the most complete range of products for lubrication and the dispensing of fluids. The aim is to always respond fully to the questions of our customers and meet all their needs.

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The multi-delivery system allows up to 16 separate user points to be lubricated. The central pumping unit comprises an electric pump radially fitted with a series of pumping elements which, through the movement of a cam, push in succession the lubricant to the various deliveries from where as many feed lines start. With this system, lubricating oils and greases with maximum grade of NLGI 2 can be used. The pump assembly can be supplied by a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 16 pumping elements with adjustable delivery. Each pumping element feeds one line, directly to users, volumetric...

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SERIES C25S MULTI-DELIVERY PUMP This series of pumps has been designed to combine high operating safety, easy maintenance and also the possibility of adjusting the delivery directly with an adjusting screw on the pumping element. The adjusting screw on the pumping element has three measurement notches showing the required delivery value. Depending on the feed motor and the reduction unit ratio, with 1 pumping element, having a cycle capacity of 0,29 cm3, 4,20 - 6,00 - 8,70 cm3/min delivery quantities of can be reached. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Max. delivery (pump element) *

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Type of lubrication system with P/N 39290 Emergency stop button (optional) Control equipment (page 19) P/N 39289 Acoustic and flashing alarm (optional) Line filter (page 17) Adjustable pumping element (page 16) 14 Supply steel or rubber hoses pipeline Control pressure switch group (page 18)

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MULTI-DELIVERY PUMP SERIES C25S Control manifold with pressure switch (page 18) Lube point: In the plant are represented some types of moving parts that need to be lubricated 15

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A wide range of flow rates is suitable, thanks to the following configurations: - the delivery per cycle of each single pumping element can be adjusted from 0 to 0.29 cm3 operating on the regulator assembly. - the required ammount of lubricant for each cycle can be dispensed by joining two or more pumping element outlets; - three operating speeds (cycles per minute) are available by the electro motors and reduction gears coupling: this enables a more accurate dispensing, depending on users’need. PUMPING ELEMENT The pump C25S is designed to be connected directly to the user points, therefore...

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FILTER AND LEVEL SENSOR Filters. In order to ensure proper functioning of the system and that the lubricant intended for user points is totally free of impurities, the installation of appropriate filters at the control unit inlet (for filling) and outlet is recommended.

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The control manifold with pressure switch, in white galvanized steel controls the delivery pressure of each line. It sends an alarm signal if the measured pressure is higher than a predefined value. For example, this can occur in case of an obstruction on a pipe or at a user point. It is able to manage up to 8 delivery points. For more than 8 delivery points up to 16 connect in series another manifold. It is also provided with a discharge outlet on the bottom of the manifold block. Each inlet is equipped with a single-acting valve with F 1/4 “G connection. If less than 8 or 16 inlets are...

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System control board The control equipment is dedicated to the management and control of centralized multidistributing lubrication. The dedicated card installed inside controls the inlet and outlet signals of the whole system. CONTROL EQUIPMENT 200+500 V AC 50/60 Hz TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS P/N The card is installed in a metal box provided with or without transparent window and communicates with a display integrated into an easy to use flexible membrane keyboard. Within the enclosure all the components (connections, remote control switches, fuses, etc.) are easy accesable. - Display...

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Customized pumps selection guide Should the specific requirements be different from the ones of standard pumps, follow this model to customize your own pump. Example of pump code

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ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS range of M has a wide ons. RAAS ents an soluti uipm ecific lubrication eq em an our sp t th Have a look a catalogue.

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RAASM products are present worldwide through a network of qualified dealers.

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GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS FOR FOREIGN MARKETS The following general sales conditions regulate the sale of goods and services by the company RAASM S.p.A. for customers residing outside the territory of the Italian State. P/N 1 GOODS DELIVERY TERMS The goods are delivered ex works RAASM S.p.A. The subsequent transport/shipment must occur by, in the name and at the expense of the purchasing customer, even by means of a carrier appointed and designated by the same. All risks arising from loading, subsequent custody and transport are borne entirely by the purchasing customer. P/N 2 MINIMUM ORDERS...

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