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ADVANCED FLUID MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS the human side of Quality founded in 1975

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SYSTEM LUBRICATION MULTI-DELIVERY Page 19 Filter and level sensor Page 12 Series C25S motor-operated multi-delivery Page 18 Pumping element

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Page 20 Control manifold Control pressure switch group Page 21 Control equipment The multi-delivery system is mostly used for plants with a limited number of greasing points. Easy to install, it allows to set the flow rate on each feed line due to the adjustable pumping elements. Some examples of the applications are: marble cutting machines and fixed plants to control water in channels and basins. Our sales department is at your disposal to provide information and solutions.

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More than 5000 products available for your business

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The multi-delivery system allows up to 16 separate user points to be lubricated. The central pumping unit comprises an electric pump radially fitted with a series of pumping elements which, through the movement of a cam, push in succession the lubricant to the various deliveries. With this system, lubricating oils and greases with maximum grade of NLGI 2 can be used. The pump assembly can be supplied with a minimum of 1 up to a maximum of 16 pumping elements with adjustable delivery. 10

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® Supplies an exact amount of lubricant from a pumping unit to various lubrication points placed at medium-short distances,by adjusting the delivery of the pumping elements. ® Pumping unit ensuring easy maintenance and safe operation. ® Adjustable delivery of the pumping elements. ® Possibility of using from 1 to 16 pumping elements, with position and orientation as required by the user. ® Pumping elements easily removable and replaceable. ® Possibility of monitoring the system by means of special control and management equipment. ® Variability of deliveries from 4.2 to 140 cm3/min...

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SERIES C25S MULTI-DELIVERY PUMP Electrical operated pumps equipped with 10-30-70 liters tank. Provided with pumping elements with adjustable delivery (min. 1 - max 16) installed directly on the pump body and in charge of distributing the fluid to the single lines. Technical characteristics

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GUIDE TO CHOOSING PUMP P/N Tank capacity (litres) Reducer ratio ACCESSORIES STANDARD EQUIPMENT Visual level indicator for oil and grease Low level capacitive sensor High level capacitive sensor 70 litres Grease Packing-m3 Net weight kg Gross weight kg Grease Packing-m Net weight kg Gross weight kg 3 Grease Packing-m Net weight kg Gross weight kg 3

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ACCESSORIES PUMP SERIES C25S P/N 1581800 High or low level capacitive sensor /--------------- P/N 2581350 Pressure control assembly for 1 pumping element P/N 2581250 - 2581251 Pressure control assembly for 2 pumping elements

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P/N 39290 Emergency stop button (optional) P/N 39289 Acoustic and flashing alarm (optional) Control equipment (PLC) (page 21) Main line with piping in steel or in flexible rubber Adjustable pumping element Line and delivery filter (page 19) Control pressure switch group (page 20)

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Type of lubrication system with motor-operated pump Series C25S Control manifold with pressure switch (page 20) Lube point: In the plant are represented some types of moving parts that need to be lubricated.

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ADJUSTABLE PUMPING ELEMENT The C25S pump is designed to be connected directly to the users by means of pumping elements used as volumetric dosers. They combine easy maintenance with high operating safety thanks to the two single-acting valves and delivery regulator. The pumping element is mounted radially on the base and fixed to a ring coupled to eccentric shaft from which receives the pumping movement. A wide range of flow rates is suitable, thanks to the following configurations: - the delivery per cycle of each single pumping element can be adjusted from 0 to 0.29 cm3 operating on the...

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FILTER AND LEVEL SENSOR Filter. In order to ensure proper functioning of the system and avoid any lubricant external contamination, it is advisable to install a filter at the pump outlet (inlet). The sturdy steel structure of filters ensures a sure sealing and also allows their use in centralized lubrication systems where there are high operating pressures (up to 500 bar). Operating with both oils and greases, it is placed both at the pump outlet and along the system line. The minimum and maximum level capacitive sensor allows the detection of the minimum or maximum lubricant level in the...

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CONTROL MANIFOLD CONTROL PRESSURE SWITCH GROUP Control pressure switch group, allows to check the correct functionality of the overpressure valve installed on the control manifold. The control manifold, made of steel with white zinc plating, is a device that monitors the delivery pressure of each line, providing an alarm signal if the measured pressure is higher than a predefined value. This can happen when there is an obstruction on pipe or user point. A single manifold manages up to 8 flows. For more than 8 delivery points up to 16, connect in series another manifold. It is also provided...

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CONTROL EQUIPMENT 200 * 500 V AC 50/60 Hz Equipment dedicated to the management and control of centralized lubrication systems. Equipped with an electronic programming card and interface, they manage the input and output signals of the whole system. - Display integrated into the keyboard. - Simple and intuitive user interface. - Rugged and waterproof cover, meets the requirements of IP55. - Ability to customize the lubrication intervals, pause and the cycle count. - Programming of the parameters protected by password. - Call system filling tank (on request) with high level light indicator....

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CUSTOMIZED PUMPS SELECTION GUIDE Should the specific requirements be different from the ones of standard pumps, follow this model to customize your own pump.

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GENERAL SALES CONDITIONS FOR FOREIGN MARKETS The following general sales conditions regulate the sale of goods and services by the company RAASM S.p.A. for customers residing outside the territory of the Italian State. Art. 1 GOODS DELIVERY TERMS The goods are delivered ex works RAASM S.p.A. The subsequent transport/shipment must occur by, in the name and at the expense of the purchasing customer, even by means of a carrier appointed and designated by the same. All risks arising from loading, subsequent custody and transport are borne entirely by the purchasing customer. Art. 2 MINIMUM...

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