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RAAL-Condensers - 2

RAAL CONDENSERS and EVAPORATORS with extruded tubes and manifolds Tubes & manifolds • different types of extruded tubes (multi channel) • 1, 2, 3 or more rows of tubes mounted in parallel • Core thicknesses (mm): 16, 18, 25.4, 43, 58, 68... • Manifolds diameters (mm): ø20, 22, 30 RAAL manufactures a wide range of high performing aluminium parallel flow condensers and evaporators for off-road equipment, automotive, commercial vehicles, railway and industrial equipment. HVAC-R • Heating, ventilation, and air INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT • Compressed air dryers, chillers conditioning systems •...

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RAAL-Condensers - 3

EXTRUDED TUBES construction solution for RAAL parallel flow condensers and evaporators The smaller hydraulic diameter can increase the internal heat transfer coefficient up to 6 times than Cu tubes version. RAAL Fins Pressure drop Condensers can be built with wavy fins and louvered fins Shorter passages on air side and a parallel flow will result in lower pressure drops over the micro channel condenser. As a consequence of the lower pressure drop the energy consumption for the refrigerant cooling is lower, through the use of a lower power consumption fans, consequently reducing the noise....

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RAAL-Condensers - 4

Advantages and benefits of RAAL customers Flexibility and customized solutions • thousands of different condensers and a wide range of sizes Experience and expertise • 30 years of experience • specialized teams (R&D, tool and die design, manufacturing, sales, logistics, marketing) Innovation, technology and performance • 150 R&D engineers • 30-50 days for a new product development • a well-equipped test center, patents for fin forming machines and new design/technology solutions • investment in the latest equipment and technologies Short terms, competitive prices Quality and reliability •...

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