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Modified Atmosphere Packaging

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Map Systems (Modified Atmosphere Packaging)

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The FP Filling system is designed to fill and seal single serve, preformed cups. A wide range of food, dairy, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical products can be accommodated in liquid, dry, viscous or particulate form. Integrated Dual Laminar Flow Rail requires a small amount of machine real estate and can be easily adapted to existing lines. Since 1944, we've been designing and manufacturing the highest quality Chub Packaging Machinery. Our product innovations include quality control sensors, electronic analyzing device integration, servo drives, touch screen controls, a new ultra...

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MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) R.A Jones & Co. is utilizing CFD technology to validate custom designed gas hardware effectiveness before parts are made. Nitrogen is introduced into the container with multiple velocities and the ambient air is pushed out. The high velocity flow is surrounded by lower velocities of inert gas to create a barrier which prevents the ambient air from re-entering the container (minimizing eddy currents). Extend shelf life Maintain product quality Retain natural color Inhibit microbial growth Lower product return Reduce Handling Decrease shrink Extend...

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MAP Systems Pouch Interface Patented gas lance technology virtually eliminates turbulence, purging packages to unprecedented low oxygen levels. This innovative modified atmosphere technology automatically adjusts gas flows and timing settings to selectively optimize oxygen levels and economize gas consumption. Nitro-Flush® 750 Oxygen Control System The Nitro-Flush 750 Oxygen Control System is designed to quickly interface to new or existing Vertical Form/Fill/Seal (VFFS) packaging machines. The Nitro-Flush 750 incorporates MAP Systems' patented modified atmosphere technology and...

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MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) horizontal flow wrapper gassing interfaces R.A Jones & Co. MAP Systems‘ flow wrapper gassing interface directly attaches to any horizontal flow wrapper. This provides modified atmosphere product capabilities that were not previously possible. Products with trapped air, flaky crusts, spongy textures, delicate toppings, sensitive ingredients or simply difficult to flush products can now be precisely packaged in a modified atmosphere using our patented Dual Laminar Flow Technology. Patented accelerator flushing modular system Dramatic increase in line speed...

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capper interface The traditional approach to seaming in pre-gassing operations has been costly, requiring the entire seaming operation to be completely enclosed, making access difficult and requiring large amounts of inert gas to maintain the desired environment. MAP Systems gassing rails provide an inert environment for the headspace of the can only, which overcomes the problems of accessibility and gas usage. R.A Jones & Co.‘s MAP Systems uses the same approach as discussed in the can line interface. The one change is the addition of under cap gassing in the cap chuck placement zone. When...

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MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) modified atmosphere pharmaceutical pack aging solutions R.A Jones & Co.‘s MAP Systems‘ innovative flushing technology and extensive experience in all forms of Modified Atmosphere Packaging offer you advanced solutions for all of your oxygen sensitive drugs. We custom engineer high performance modified atmosphere interface systems that directly retrofit to your existing packaging equipment. Typical interface includes vial filling/stoppering, ampule sealing, blister packing, horizontal wrapping, tray sealing, form/fill/seal applications, and capping or...

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