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KartridgPak Chub Packaging Machines

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chub pack aging- continuous form, fill, seal, clip Since 1944, we’ve been designing and manufacturing the highest quality Chub Packaging Machinery. Our product innovations include quality control sensors, electronic analyzing device integration, servo drives, touch screen controls, a new ultra high-speed clipping process and unique continuous motion with a sequential stop process. From installation, startup and training, to parts and aftermarket support and technical service, our worldwide distributor network means you can count on R.A Jones & Co. Rugged waterproof construction consisting...

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Chub Packaging Machines Money-Saving Flexibility Because all efforts at R.A Jones & Co. are exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, our customers are free to choose consumable suppliers ideally suited to their needs for price, quality and specific applications. Economy Design innovations from R.A Jones & Co. significantly reduce packaging material costs. The key? Instead of using pre-formed clips, our in-line process forms and places clips sourced from economical wire stock reels. Use of flat roll stock, rather than pre-formed tubing adds to your savings....

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Technical Specifications Standard Machine Control Available Seal Methods Diameter Range Standard Length Range Max Film Sealing Speed *Up to 40“ with optional clutch brake. Packages shorter than 6“ available by request. **Depends on film type characteristics. Fulfills global safety requirements Close-clip option Reduced film costs/enhances package aesthetics Continuous motion Reduces downtime and parts usage Clutch brake option Provides flexibility to fill long packages Explosion proof motors & pressurized cabinet option Provides safe operation in hazardous environments/Low risk & insurance...

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Chub Packaging Machines chub pack age dimensions To find pkg. length L for known pkg. dia., wt., and specific gravity: L= 35.26W + .333D Where: D=pkg. dia. in inches. D2 (S.G.) W=weight in pounds. S.G.=specific gravity. To find pkg. length L for known pkg. dia., wt., and density: L= 1.273 W + .333D Where: D=pkg. dia. in inches. D2 (density) W=weight in pounds. Density=pounds/in3. To find film cutoff for known L and D: Cutoff (in.) = L + .571 D + d + S Where: L=pkg. length clip to clip in inches. D=pkg. dia. in inches. d=wire dia. in inches. S=clip spacing. M7 Standard spacing L C4 Clip...

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Preferred PVDC layout. Registration Mark required on one side only. Left side is most common. Option 2 Common design where clear film is used and maximum ink coverage is desired. Registration Mark required on one side only. Left side is most common. Most common where art design requires printing or copy to extend to the left edge (bleed edge). Registration Mark path frequency found in center of film sheet. See “B.“ This design is used when background pattern is simulated cloth, basket weave, etc., which prohibits the use of one solid color in the Registration Mark path. Printed copy may...

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Chub Packaging Machines t ypical chub pack age sizes Pkg. Wt. NOTES: 1) Values for L and H are theoretical values based upon the assumption that package ends are hemispherical and that product specific gravity=1. Actual values for L and H must be determined by measurement of sample packages containing product. 2) Add .11 in (3 mm) to H dimension for model 50 and M7 accessory applications. 3) Film overlap at seal: 5/8 dia. = 3/8 in. (16 mm = 10 mm) 1-7/16-4-1/8 dia. = 3/4 in. (37 mm - 105 mm = 19 mm) 5-5/8-6 dia. = 1 in. (143 mm - 152 mm = 25 mm)

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GERMANY RUSSIAN FEDERATION TURKEY CHINA SINGAPORE JAPAN INDIA INDONESIA BRAZIL USA SOUTH AFRICA R.A Jones & Co. 807 West Kimberly Road Davenport, IA 52806 T. +1 563 391 1100 F. +1 563 391 0017 sales@rajones.com www.rajones.com

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