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Holmatic CCS Series

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Continuous Conduction Sealer Holmatic CCS Series The CCS, Continuous Conduction Sealer, has many capabilities and functions, including the optional modified atmosphere system (MAP) capable of maintaining O2 levels to < 2% at time of sealing. With a seal time of 1.5 seconds at 300 containers per minute, the CCS is designed to handle containers smoothly with no abrupt changes in velocity of the containers or seal. Applications Processed Foods: Jams, jellies, peanut butter, spices, condiments, soups, dried soups, oatmeal, salad dressings, sauces, salsa, sandwich spreads, hot/cold fills, powdered drinks, juices, still water, home meal replacements, pet snacks and food Bakery, Snack and Drink Products: Cake batters, fruit pie fillings, fruit toppings, whipped toppings, bread crumbs, stuffing, extruded snacks, potato chips, infant formula, powdered and granulated beverages: coffee, cocoa Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Products: Powdered nutritional supplies, liquid supplement drinks, hair gels, shampoos, air fresheners, baby wipes Industrial Products: Hand cleaner, lotions, greases, oils, ink cartridges

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Continuous Conduction Sealer Holmatic CCS Series The CCS has “splice on the fly film” splicing for continuous operation and is capable of maintaining a precise relationship between the seal cutout, the heat seal adapter, and the container. The Continuous Conduction Sealer has the option of registering printed film to the container. PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Allen Bradley PLC control system gives worldwide support, simplicity and proven reliability • The Continuous Conduction Sealer has the option of registering printed film to the container • No container/no seal feature • Quick...

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