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Autoprod FP Series

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Fill, Seal & Overcap Autoprod FP Series The R.A Jones Autoprod FP filling system is designed to fill, seal, and overcap preformed cups, tubs, and trays. A wide range of food, dairy, beverage, personal care and pharmaceutical products can be accommodated in liquid, dry, viscous or particulate form. Speeds range from 3,000 cups an hour to 57,600 cups an hour. Applications Dairy: Sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, Greek yogurt, ice cream, butter Processed Foods: Jams, peanut butter, condiments, soups, dried soups, salad dressings, guacamole, hot/cold fills, juices, still water, home meal replacements Salads and Refrigerated Products: Potato, tuna, chicken, pasta, coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, hot and cold entrees, snack and multi-compartment trays Bakery and Snack Products: Cake batters, fruit pie fillings/toppings, whipped toppings, crackers, cereals, dried fruits, specialty meat products, extruded snacks, candy Cosmetics and Industrial Products: Hand cleaner, lotions, greases, oils, air fresheners, baby wipes, ink cartridges

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Fill, Seal & Overcap Autoprod FP Series FP series filler capacities Technical Specifications Configuration Fill Capacity Output (depending on viscosity and fill volume) Cups per minute Flexibility is an important attribute of our systems. Package size capabilities range from less than one ounce to several liters, with single or multiple compartments. Paper, metal, glass and plastic containers are handled with equal ease. PRODUCT FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Stainless steel 3A sanitary design • Servo driven • Allen Bradley PLC control system gives worldwide support, simplicity and proven...

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