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ABOVE ALL R+W IS: THE PERFECT COUPLING. When R+W Antriebselemente GmbH was first established in 1990 in Klingenberg, Germany, there were three people on board. The head office is still there, but we are now more than 170 people, with subsidiaries in the USA, China, Italy, Singapore, France and Slovakia, and are partnered with over 60 well established distributors in more than 40 countries throughout the world. Many developments have lead to this success, but most importantly it was brought about by our endless search for the best possible coupling solutions as well as the high esteem in...

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Industrial drive couplings - 3

DRIVE D - DYNAMIC Our staff is trained to always be ready and willing to provide a quick reaction to customer inquiries. Our product, the core of which is based on handling high performance, dynamic applications, is increasingly available for fast delivery. R - RELIABLE Many of our products are designed for infinite life with zero maintenance required. With thorough engineering processes in place, and an ISO 9001:2008 certified production facility, we continue to deliver high quality coupling products with a high level of reliability. I - INNOVATIVE Our business was founded on developing...

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Industrial drive couplings - 4

APPLICATIONS AND DESIGN FEATURES INDUSTRIAL DRIVE COUPLINGS SAFETY COUPLINGS ► timber processing machinery ► bulk material handling systems ► tunnel boring machinery ► rotary test stands ► wastewater scraper drives ► wherever potential for torque overload ► adjustable disengagement torque ► precise overload protection ► compact, simple design TORSIONALLY STIFF BELLOWS COUPLINGS ► wherever precise transmission ► high torsional stiffness ► fatigue resistant for infinite life ► easy to mount and dismount ► precise rotational transmission ► minimal restoring loads under BACKLASH FREE SERVOMAX®...

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Industrial drive couplings - 5

HIGH STRENGTH DISC PACK COUPLINGS ► steel mill equipment ► bulk material handling systems ► cooling tower drives ► for infinite life in extreme conditions ► maintenance free for infinite life ► frictional clamping of disc packs ► high speeds with extended DBSE ► high torsional stiffness ► low restoring forces from misalignment FLEXIBLE GEAR COUPLINGS AREAS OF APPLICATION FEATURES ► wherever high torque and low cost meet ► very compact design ► large misalignment compensation ► reduced wear design FOR USE IN HAZARDOUS ENVIRONMENTS - ATEX for safer operation in industries with explosive...

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Industrial drive couplings - 8

SAFETY COUPLINGS SYMBOLS TAR K Tmax TAN PDrive n = Disengagement torque of the coupling (Nm) = Service factor = Maximum torque of the drive system (Nm) = Rated torque of the motor (Nm) = Drive power (kW) = Drive speed (min-1) rad = Angular acceleration s2 = Acceleration time (s) = Angular velocity (rad/s) = Moment of inertia of load (kgm2) = Moment of inertia of drive (kgm2) = Peak motor torque (Nm) = Number of safety elements = Tangential force (kN) = Radius to element (m) = Spindle pitch (mm) = Feed force (N) = Spindle efficiency = Pitch diameter (mm) = Feed force (N) = Torsional...

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Industrial drive couplings - 9

ACCORDING TO ACCELERATION (START-UP WITH NO LOAD) ACCORDING TO ACCELERATION (START-UP WITH LOAD) ACCORDING TO THE NUMBER OF SAFETY ELEMENTS ACCORDING TO LINEAR FEED FORCE motor shaft Screw drive Rack and pinion drive ACCORDING TO RESONANT FREQUENCY The torsional natural frequency of the coupling must be significantly higher or lower than that of the equipment. For the mechanical substitution model the two mass system applies. JMasch + JMot JMasch · JMot

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Industrial drive couplings - 10

SAFETY COUPLINGS ELASTIC JAW COUPLING DESIGN ST2 Size TKmax Maximum Torque Torsional Stiffness Relative Damping LOAD FACTORS BY MACHINE TYPE EXCAVATORS S bucket chain excavators S traveling gear (caterpillar) M traveling gear (rails) M suction pumps S bucket wheels M slewing gears CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY M concrete mixers M road construction machinery CHEMICAL INDUSTRY M mixers G agitators (light fluids) M dryer drums G centrifuges FEEDERS AND CONVEYORS S belt conveyors G belt conveyors (bulk materials) M belt bucket conveyors M screw conveyors M circular conveyors M hoists BLOWERS AND FANS¹...

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Industrial drive couplings - 11

DESIGN FACTORS Shock or Load Factor SA Drive type electric motors, turbines, hydraulic motors internal combustion engines ≥4 cylinder degree of uniformity ≥1:100 Load characteristics of driven machine G Ambient Temperature G = smooth uniform load | M = moderate load | S = heavy shock load ACCORDING TO TORQUE 1. Calculate the drive torque TAN. 2. Base the coupling rated torque TKN on the drive torque TAN multiplied by the application factors. Example: Coupling between an electric motor (P=450kW and n=980 rpm) and a gearbox driving a conveyor. smooth uniform load = G : SA = 1.25 ambient...

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Industrial drive couplings - 12

SAFETY COUPLINGS GEAR COUPLING DESIGN ST4 Size TKmax Maximum Torque *only allowable at reduced torque and misalignment levels (see table on page 13) ACCORDING TO TORQUE 1. Calculate the drive torque. TAN. 2. Base the coupling rated torque TKN on the drive torque TAN multiplied by the application factor. (see page 17 for shock or load factors SA). Example: Coupling between an electric motor (P=1000kW and n=980 rpm) and a gearbox driving a screw conveyor (SA = 1.6). TKN ≥ TAN · SA TKN ≥ 9,744 Nm · 1.6 = 15,591 Nm Selected coupling: ST4 / 10 with gear coupling TKN = 16,000 Nm

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Industrial drive couplings - 13

RATINGS CHART Maximum torque, speed and misalignment are related and can not exist at the same time. .5° n. 0 alig mis ular Ang ° 0.75 gn. isali lar m Angu Evaluation of T/TKN and n / nmax ̈ Compare plotted values for combined limits Non-allowable zone Please contact R+W 2,700 n = 2,700 min.-1 n/ = ---------- · 100 = 45% nmax 6,050 Angular misalignment: 0.4° ̈ Coupling is within operable range - ST4 / 10 can be used.

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Industrial drive couplings - 14

BELLOWS COUPLINGS SYMBOLS TKN = Rated torque of coupling (Nm) = Peak torque (Nm) e.g. maximum acceleration peak torque or maximum braking torque from the load = Moment of inertia of the load (load + drive line components + half of coupling) (kgm 2) = Drive inertia (rotor of motor + drive line components + half of coupling) (kgm 2) = Torsional stiffness of coupling (Nm/rad) = Resonant frequency of the two mass system (Hz) = Exitation frequency of the drive (Hz) = Angle of twist (degree) Shock or Load Factor SA uniform load non-uniform load heavy shock load For many crushing and shredding...

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