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SERIES BKC + BKL | 2 500 Nm > THE ULTIMATE COUPLING FROM 2 ֖ 500 Nm BKC/BKL_US.indd 126.06.2007 10:37:06 Uhr size="-3">

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for high dynamic servo drives of: Machine tools Textile machinery high degree of torsional stiffness CNC milling / grinding machinery Industrial robots compensates for axial, lateral and angular misalignment, also causing quiet, smooth operation Woodworking machinery Processing machinery Assembly machinery Printing machinery exact angular transmission of motion and torque Automated plants Packaging machinery infinite life and maintenance free > Economy Class with clamping hubfrom 15-500 Nm compact design low cost version self opening clamping system optional > Economy Class with clamping...

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Properties: compact design easy to mount suited for space restricted installations low moment of inertia economically priced Material: Bellows made of highly flexible high-grade stainless steel Design: With a single ISO 4762 radial clamping screw per hub. Self opening clamp system optional: Loosening the clamping screw applies force to the pin, which will force the clamp into the open position for easy mounting and dismounting. Temperature-range: > Backlash: Absolutely backlash-free due to frictional clamp connection. > ModelSeries Nm И D1 H7 D2 H7non standard Service life: These couplings...

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Mounting, Design: For security reasons all misalignment values and torque ratings are decreased by 20% Installation andOperationinstructions: A place in which an explosive atmosphere consists out of a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor or mist, and is present frequently, continuously or for extended periods. Installation and operating instructions are an essential part of the BK-EEx metal bellows couplings. Including the following facts: Zone 20: Is relevant for an explosive atmosphere in the form of clouds of combustible dust in air under the same conditions...

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In most cases couplings are rated according to the peak torque to be regularly transmitted.The peak torque may not exceed the rated torque of the coupling.By rated torque we mean: the torque that is continuously transmittable within the specified acceptable speed and misalignment ranges.The following calculation has proven itself to be a good rule of thumb:T > KN = rated torque of coupling (Nm)T > AS = peak torque of motor (Nm)For precise rating, the acceleration torque and moments of inertia of the entire machine have to be taken into consideration. In the case of servo motors ensure that...

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Achsverstze In the case of models BKC / BKL the tolerance between shaft/hub connection must not exceed 0.01 and 0.05 mm. When mounting the coupling ensure that the metal bellows are not damaged or bent. Prior to mounting check for smooth running of the coupling hub on the shaft. During mounting, the torque and axis misalignments may exceed 2 times the value specified without the operation of the coupling being restricted. Prior to mounting, make sure that the shaft is slightly oiled. Shaft keyways have no effect upon the function of the clamped connection. However, for continuous operation,...

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