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Polar Zone: Components and systems for extreme temperatures - 12 Pages

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Polar Zone: Components and systems for extreme temperatures

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components and systems for extremetemperatures polar zone >

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2 Our customers safety in their day-to-day work is the main focus of our business. The company has been working towards this for over 80 years and has had a major impact in the sector of explosion protection. Development of explosion protected, electrical control devices and control units was speeded up consistently and successfully since 1926. This resulted in pioneering new developments and innovative products. R.STAHL specialists have been working actively for many years now in national and international committees to define new standards and ever better safety regulations. R.STAHL...

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3 The working temperature range for explosion protected electrical apparatus defined in IEC 60079, Part 0:General Requirements, extends from 20ְC to +40C. If the type plate contains no other information on ambient temperature, it can be assumed that the apparatus will operate reliably within this temperature range. Frequently however, products need to be used under ambient conditions where prevailing temperatures are either far higher than +40аC or are well below 20ְC. This is case in many regions of the world in the winter months where temperatures of 55ְC are no rarity. In respect of...

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2 3 4 5 6 5 Low-temperature test > 1 Measuring equipment > 5 > Polar zone simulation > more than 3000regularly calibrated mechanical tools Pressure test > 2 > more than 700 regularly calibrated electrical measuring equipment > hydrostatic > own calibration lab 3D measuring > 3 > optical and tactile Insulation and high voltage test > 6 > 1500V DC for control panels up to 500V Degree of protection > 4 > water ingress and dust ingress > 2500V AC for bus bar systems anddistribution panels > 5000V AC for applications with rated voltage higher than 500V >

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Restrictions and special aspects that are important for operation at low temperatures: Restricted functionality > 1 > Moving parts such as the actuators of switching elements may no longer be operable after thawing followed by freezing. > Various types of lamp, such as low-pressure gas-discharge lamps, cannot be ignited or can be ignited only with difficulty at temperatures below 0C and suffer a substantial loss in light output. > The accuracy of many measuring instruments drops with decreasing temperature. > Protective circuit breakers with bimetallic trip mechanism change their trip...

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6 5 7 8 7 Seals > 4 > Most sealing materials become very tacky at temperatures of below 20ְC. Installation, maintenance and repair work should not be carried out at low temperatures in order to avoid destruction of the seals when enclosures are opened. > Special seals that must be stated when ordering the product can be used to seal moving parts. Cables and leads > Many types of cable are unsuitable or only restrictedly suitable for use at low temperatures. > The permitted bending radius must be complied with, depending on temperature. > 5 Strip lamps > The reduced light output of strip...

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2 > Safety barriers Single-channel safety barriersՕTwo-channel safety barriers > Positioning switches > Control and indicating devices > Control device system > Ex i isolators Transmitter supply units ՕIsolating repeatersSwitching repeatersՕBinary outputTemperature transmittersՕHART multiplexersInput module Օpac-Bus Fieldbus isolating repeaters > Alarm devices and fire detectors/fire alarm call points > Built-in devices for control stations > Signal and monitoring equipment > CCTV camera > Traffic light-type signalling device > Optical beacon > Horns > Measuring and monitoring devices >...

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5 > Installation switches > Fluorescent light fitting > Junction boxes > Emergency lights > Terminal boxes > Bulkhead light fittings > Plugs and sockets > Pendant light fittings > Couplers > Floodlights > Coupling sockets > Portable lamps > Socket-outlet assemblies > Emergency lighting systems > Maintenance socket isolators > Mounting accessories > Cable and lead routing systems > Cable glands > Cable bushings > 6 > Stopping plugs > EEx e enclosures > Lock nuts > EEx d enclosures > Flat rings > Lighting and heating power distribution panels > Extensions > Standard motor starters > Reducing...

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> 80 years of experience and know-how withsolutions focussing on explosion protection > Proximity to the customer and efficiency thanksto over 70 locations on all five continents > Designing individual solutions > Worldwide, professional sales network > Major competence, recognised worldwide > Websites with Contact information ՕInformation on locations and suppliersProduct catalogueՕCertificates and test certificationsPress releases and publicationsՕInformation on explosion protectionCustomer-related e-commerce > Competence in efficient combination of alltypes of protection > Many years of...

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VISUELL,Stuttgart R.STAHL Schaltgerte GmbHAm Bahnhof 30, 74638Waldenburg Phone +49 7942 943-0 Fax +49 7942 943-4333 > ID-NO. 00 006 30 76 0S-PD-Polar Zone-00-en-05/2007 Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany size="-1">

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