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Marine Solutions

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The Norwegian company TRANBERG has since 2006 been a member of the R.STAHL Group. This changebrought together two companies came together with more than 100 years of successful development in specialist areas of safety systems. For more than 130 years, the German company R.STAHL has developed and manufactured high quality, reliable functioning products and solutions for industrial customers. Electrical explosion protection has been in the focus for many years. As a market leading supplier of explosion-proof lighting systems, switchgear, and switch cabinets, as well as components and systems...

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3 The conditions on ships and offshore platforms are extreme. Particularly, equipment installed on the deckarea and outside enclosed rooms is subject to very high mechanical, climatic and chemical conditions. Products used on the high seas must be able to withstand storms, rain, hail, snow, pounding by waves and rapidly changing temperatures during their service life. The continuous action of sea water is very aggressive for many materials. Ships are used both in the tropics and in the polar seas, so they are operated both in extreme heat and in extreme cold. Continuous heavy vibration from...

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9 > > world wide applicablecertificates for hazardous areas Products for maritime applications must be of particularly safe and robust design. Frequently, explosion protection is an important additional requirement when tapping, processing and transporting fossil fuels or chemicals. On offshore platforms the regulations for protection against explosions in accordance with ATEX, IEC or NEC apply without limitation. In ship building the IEC standard 60092part 502 is fully recognised by all national authorities, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and ship certifiers; this standard...

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navigation and signalling lights > flood lights > aids to navigation > search lights page > obstruction lights > deck lights > perimeter lights > windsock > flood lights >

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cable glands > terminal boxes, junction boxes page > plugs and sockets > de-icing > heat tracing > instrument heating >

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fieldbus > camera systems > Remote I/O > operator terminals > isolators > wireless page > > control panels and switchgear > pressurized encapsulation >

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engineering > support > design > training page > > delivered by R.STAHL and TRANBERG >

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In maritime use the toughest requirements are placed on the exterior lighting, as these lights are subject to the rigours of the weather around the clock. The safety of the crew and the systems depends on reliable functioning of the lighting system. The navigation lighting signals important operating positions to ships, searchlights illuminate the area around platforms and ships, in extreme cases lives may depend on their functioning.TRANBERGis a forerunner of low-voltage lanterns and lantern control systems. Advantages are high durable light sources, compensating of voltage-loss in cables...

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11 > > extraordinary quality Carefully selected materials as well as comprehensive and thorough tests during manufacturing ensure high reliability and low maintenance costs. The effectiveness of the lighting systems manufactured by R.STAHL and TRANBERGis further increased by the usage of modern technologies such as LED systemsand operation using bus systems. All lights are available in an explosion-proof version. > > strong resistanceagainst rough offshore conditions > > modern lighting technology > navigation lanterns and controllers > > optimal light characteristics > obstruction lights >...

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> compact and rugged construction > > integrated terminal box > quick opening for installation > > resistant to vibration > The helideck windsock and light systems delivered by R.STAHL and TRANBERGare designed to meet thetoughest conditions in the helicopter landing areas. The floodlights are designed to provide adequate illumination of the whole area without glare to pilots or helicopter personell in the area. The lights give pilots a visual awareness of their position relative to the helideck. The helideck equipment is delivered to offshore installations, oil tankers and supply ships all...

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Indication of the light pattern by using 8 flood lights together with 26 green perimeter lights. >

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> > complete range ofinstallation products The best technical equipment on a ship or an offshore platform is useless if the installation hardware failsunder the rigorous conditions of offshore use. You can rely 100% on installation hardware manufactured by TRANBERGand R.STAHL. This hardware is based on decades of experience on usage in the toughest ofconditions. Cable glands for a very wide range of applications that protect your equipment against the entry of sea water, junction boxes and terminal boxes that are easy and quick to install, and that safely protect your cable connections, or...

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15 > planning and engineering > > long lasting experienceand engineering skills for heating application > 25% of the known oil and gas reserves on earth are in the arctic regions. In order to make it possible to perform the related pumping and processing in the predominantly extremely low temperatures, pipes and equipment, instruments and switch cabinets must be safety heated. Heaters on steps and walkways ensure safe working conditions. The rule requirements for the class notation DEICE for ships operating in cold climate areas are related to the following: Maintenance of the main...

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> > complete range ofinterface products Sensors and actuators are used in many places on a ship for a wide range of functions. On chemical tankersthe liquid levels and the internal tank pressure must be continuously monitored. During the loading and purging processes, it is necessary to continuously check the pump pressure for safety reasons. To maintain an even keel and correct draught, the load states must be continuously measured and sent to a central computer. Ballast movement is quickly registered by the computer in order to compensate for critical states. During the transport of LNG,...

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