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ISpac isolators

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Handling flammable and potentially explosive substances is part and parcel of everyday operations in manybranches of industry. However, it is not possible to do without the advantages of automation even in these sectors. Consequently, there must be a protection system to allow safe and, at the same time, efficient operation when using field devices such as sensors and actuators. Such a system can be achieved for instance by the use of type of protection intrinsic safety i۫.The modern ISpac isolator system from R.STAHL is the ideal safety lock۫ between the safe electronic signals and the Exi...

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5 R.STAHLs compact ISpac Exi isolator system provides the entire, sophisticated functionality required forprocess automation in hazardous areas subject to the risk of gas and dust explosion. It offers solutions for all conceivable requirements made of point-to-point transmission of process signals.There is a device with one or two channels for all processes and standard applications. Stand-alone application on single DIN rails, group installation of 20, 30 or more devices, simple integration in automation systems, transmission of HART signals or use in SIL applications: always the same...

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7 Are your requirements anything but straightforward? Do the tasks you need to perform change? Do you need to respond quickly to new influences? R.STAHLs ISpac isolator system has many facets. It offers the full and complete range of all functions you could need and that you require for your tasks in the process industry. Regardless of whether you need to interwork sensors, transmitters and actuators of any type via switching amplifiers and transmitters through to trip amplifiers, ISpac provides you with the right solution without exception.You can count on it.The adjacent diagram shows the...

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Up to 40 individual elements can be plugged together flat or high DIN rail Optional power input module for redundant power supply Option for connection of the power supply and collective fault and error signalling without power input module at both ends Two redundant connections for power supply Up to 40 modules (80 channels) of any signal types can be fitted side-by-sideCollective fault and error signalling 10 > Plug together, place onto bus, snap on and connect.The isolators are now already in operation on the high-performance, expansible ISpac-Bus from R.STAHL. Up to 40 ISpac modules can...

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Labelling for modules, slot, carrier Carrier for 8 or 16 modules (32 channels) Ejection mechanism (with screwdriver) Single slots, with any signal mix Redundant and fused power supplyPower failure and line failure signalling via relay Secure locking mechanism, operable without the need for tools High viewing level for connection Integrated IS pac-Bus for power supply and line fault signalling Compact(283x155x120mm) System-specific connectors For DIN rail or mounting plate Connection Asset Management System (HART) Rugged, industry-standard design 11 System integration > system-specific...

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Contact 1 SignalSignal Contact 2 ISpac 9162 13 Characteristics Monitoring of measurable variables that are acquired by sensors in the field can be implemented easily andefficiently with the aid of limit value switches.The ISpac isolators with limit value evaluation allow the user to define his or her own individual limit values. If the individual limit value is overshot or undershot, this is signalled by a contact.Temperatures, rotational speeds or any other measured values can consequently be monitored flexibly and at distributed locations. R.STAHL offers limit value switches for...

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The process industry frequently requires systems for protecting life, limb and the environment.This relates to functional safety of installations and systems in accordance with IEC EN 61508/61511. SIL is considered the yardstick of safety-related performance of an electronic or electrical control system. Most of the components of R.STAHLs ISpac Exi isolator system can be used in applications necessitating SIL 2 or SIL 3. ISpac isolators can consequently be used easily with no price markup for transmission of safety-related and conventional signals or a mix of both. As a manufacturer of...

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15 Chemical and petrochemical installations are installed worldwide, prerequiring competent, internationalcooperation during the project planning, construction and operation phases.The required technology must be able to be used worldwide. R.STAHLs ISpac isolator system is approved in accordance with ATEX, FM, UL and GOST, besides many other international standards. Climatic conditions are also a crucial selection criterion. ISpac can be used over a broad ambient temperature range extending from --20ҰC bis +70C. In addition, R.STAHLВs own Competence Centres allow implementation of...

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VISUELL,Stuttgart R.STAHL Schaltgerte GmbHAm Bahnhof 30, 74638 Waldenburg, Germany Telephone +49 7942 943-0 Fax +49 7942 943-4333 > ID-NR. 00 006 64 77 0S-PB-ISpac-01-en-05/2007 Printed in Germany size="-1">

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