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Grounding and monitoring devices and systems - 16 Pages

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Grounding and monitoring devices and systems

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PREVENTION OF ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE An explosive risk frequently underestimated in hazardous areas is the generation of electrostatic charge when mixing/stirring liquids, filling tanks and at loading bays. The discharge can cause an explosion, a low-speed deflagration or a fire with catastrophic consequences. R. STAHL has an optimum grounding plan for each application, and a great many grounding devices and accessories in its portfolio, enabling us to configure customised grounding systems for each individual application.

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In principle, there are two types of grounding: passive grounding (direct grounding), and active grounding (monitored grounding). PASSIVE GROUNDING Passive grounding systems have a direct connection to the grounded object, in the form of a cable with a clamp, frequently also with battery clamps or electrode holders. Since the passive grounding is not being monitored, control of the contacts is essential - they must be clean and not be corroded or contaminated with product deposits. ACTIVE GROUNDING Active grounding monitoring devices featuring the additional option of optic/acoustic...

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R. STAHL GROUNDING SYSTEMS s R. STAHL's grounding monitoring IBCs and big bags while flamma-devices provide electrostatic ble liquids and powders are being grounding for barrels, tank    loaded. containers, road tankers, rail cars,

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Road tanker Barrels, IBCs, Big bag tank containers *) with object recognition in road (tanker mode) **) in stainless steel FROM SIMPLE CABLES TO AUTOMATIC CABLE WINDERS 10 m cable with grounding clamp 5 m / 10 m spiral cable with grounding clamp 20 m cable winder with grounding clamp 9 m cable winder with grounding clamp Different cable lengths available on request

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GROUNDING WHILST LOADING AND UNLOADING FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS 8146 AND 8150 GROUNDING MONITORING DEVICE The Ex e grounding devices for all applications, our standard 8146 and 8150 devices, are extremely versatile. They can be used with IBCs, barrels and tank containers as well as road tankers, rail cars and even helicopters. Both devices can be used with SIL2 applications. Visible in sunlight, the indicator lamps clearly signal the correct connection to the earthing point. Both grounding devices are also particularly suited to system-specific applications. • 1 potential-free changeover contact....

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GROUNDING WITH OBJECT RECOGNITION 8485 GROUNDING MONITORING DEVICE The series 8485 grounding monitoring devices are designed in Ex d and intended for road tankers, rail cars and big bags. The dual-channel device has been developed for combined applications. During the loading process from road tanker to tank wagon as well as during the simultaneous loading of two tankers, the devices guarantee continuous monitoring of electrostatic grounding. For offshore applications we have developed a special stainless-steel version that can be parameterised like the others via the Bluetooth function....

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GROUNDING FOR BIG BAGS AND CLEAN ROOMS ZONE 2, 21 7485 GROUNDING MONITORING DEVICE The series 7485 grounding monitoring devices were specifically developed for clean room and big bag applications. They feature object recognition in road tanker mode and are also suitable for rail cars. The devices can be parameterised via the Bluetooth function, feature two potential-free changeover contacts and are suitable for extreme temperatures (-50 °C to +60 °C). • 2 potential-free changeover contacts (Ex i or Ex e). • Can be installed in clean rooms. • Bluetooth communication. • Object recognition (in...

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IN CABINETS (OUTSIDE OF HAZARDOUS AREAS) The dual-channel 9170 switching repeater can be installed inside a cabinet or a control centre. • 1 potential-free change-over contact for signalisation to process control systems or external signalling devices. • Continuous monitoring for correct grounding. • For use in Zone 2, 22. • Temperature range: -20 °C ... +70 °C. • Auxiliary power: 24 V DC. INSTALLATION IN ZONE 1, 2, 21, 22 The 8510 control unit is intended for installation in enclosures or control systems with an "Increased safety e" type of protection. • 2 potential-free changeover...

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CUSTOMISED SOLUTIONS As a leading provider of explosion-protected products and a great many grounding monitoring systems we are always able to adapt our systems to suit individual, customer-specific requirements. At the same time we ensure compliance with the various legal requirements relevant for each project since we have international certifications and approvals available worldwide. EXAMPLES OF CUSTOMER-SPECIFIC SOLUTIONS Multi-channel grounding monitoring device Multi-point grounding monitoring device according to ATEX and IECEx for the active grounding of several objects. 8265 acc....

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OUR EXPERTS ARE HERE TO ASSIST YOU BY TELEPHONE Our experts are happy to contact you by phone to discuss the various grounding options in hazardous areas. ON-SITE Should you require our expertise on-site, our colleagues are happy to visit your site to talk to you about the ideal grounding system.

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FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR EMPLOYEES AND PROJECTS WORLDWIDE We are at your service around the globe at seven production facilities, subsidiaries in 23 countries and more than 50 international agencies. Our international employees understand your needs and offer you R. STAHL quality - no matter where you need it. Thanks to this global presence, we realise international joint projects with customers, planners, installation specialists and operators from many different countries. We take care of the needs of everyone involved in the project - right on-site. At the same time we ensure compliance...

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