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Fieldbus Solutions - 16 Pages

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Fieldbus Solutions

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2 For the last 80 years of our 130-year company history, we at R.STAHL have had a major impact in the sectorof explosion protection. Development of explosion protected, electrical control devices and control units was speeded up consistently and successfully as of 1926. In 1993, three independent fieldbus systems at the R.STAHL company were used on an offshore drilling platform off the coast of Norway. What was then the company's largest fieldbus project required customer-specific, innovative solutions and a high engineer- ing share. R.STAHL's Remote I/O System IS1 was introduced in the...

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3 Fieldbus SolutionsISbus Fieldbus IS1 Remote I/O Fieldbus Engineering Competence _Engineering Support ServiceProgress _Looking to the Future 4610 12 14 15 >

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5 Three generations of field device are now in use in the process industries. Firstly, there are the classic,conventional sensors and actuators with analogue 4-20mA signals and, secondly, the HART transmitters and positioners. The Foundation Fieldbus H1 and Profibus PA, the third generation of field device, were recently introduced. The predominant types of protection for explosion protected sensors and actuators continue to be intrinsically safe Ex i and flameproof encapsulated Ex d. The FISCO Specification in accordance with IEC 60079-27 has gained general acceptance for intrinsically...

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Host CPMIS1CPM FieldbusIsolating Repeater 3 IS1 4 11 Many additions and enhancements have made R.STAHL's Remote I/OIS1 even better and more effective in recent years. The intrinsically safe Profibus DP fieldbus interface is now also available in accordance with PNO Standard RS485-IS. An automatic baud rate detection and repeater function has been introduced with the new Fieldbus Isolating Repeater (Figure 4). This provides line redundancy as a second redundancy option. New digital output modules (Figure 3) integrate non-intrinsically safe solenoid valves in the case of...

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The range of services of R.STAHL covers the sectors of project plan-ning, products, systems and the related advisory services and customer services. Our innovative, international approach is based on the needs of our customers. Our know-how and our competence are deployed wherever the safety of man and machine are at stake and wherever processesneed to be operated smoothly. For fieldbus and Remote I/O engineering specifically, this means project planning and engineering, installation and assembly on site from individual components through customised housings and control cabinets to complex...

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VISUELL,Stuttgart R.STAHL Schaltgerte GmbHAm Bahnhof 30, 74638 Waldenburg, Germany Telephone: +49 7942 943-0 Fax: +49 7942 943-4333 > ID-NR. 0000602 760S-PB-Fieldbus-01-en-10/2007 Printed in Germany size="-1">

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