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Distributing and Controlling - 2

2For the last 80 years of our 130-year company history, we at R.STAHL have had a major impact in the sector of explosion protection. Development of explosion protected, electrical control devices and control units was speeded up consistently and successfully as of 1926. In 1993, three independent fieldbus systems at the R.STAHL company were used on an offshore drilling platform off the coast of Norway. What was then the companys largest fieldbus project required customer-specific, innovative solutions and a high engineering share. R.STAHLҒs Remote I/O System IS1 was introduced in the year...

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Distributing and Controlling - 3

3 distributing & controlling _all from a single sourceex d _flameproof enclosure ex e _increased safetyex p _pressurized enclosureservice-oriented _solutions for the operationcustomer-specific _solutions for the planner and system buildercustom-made _solutions for the system designeruncompromising _100% tested qualitycertified _world-wide approvalwithout borders _solutions for each and every application area 45 6 7 810 121416 18 >

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Distributing and Controlling - 4

A comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of explosion protection is the foundation of our success.As a supplier offering a complete A-Z product range, we intelligently pool our expertise in various protection types. The result: we manufacture electrical apparatus that is both economical and fulfils the entire functional scope for explosion protection. Production proceeds according to your wishes and concepts and, of course, as per international standards and guidelines. We are your competent partner for development, engineering and manufacture of switchgear combinations. Our standard...

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Distributing and Controlling - 5

ENEN, IECNEC II 2 G; EEx d IIC T4, Zone 1II 3 G; EEx nC IIC T4, Zone 2II G; Ex d IIC T4, Zone 1II 3 G; Ex nC IIC T4, Zone 2Class I, Zone 1, AEx d IIC T4Class I, Div 1 Group BCD Class I, Div 2 Group BCD >

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Distributing and Controlling - 6

Basic principle: All ignition sources that can arise are safely prevented using additional measu-res. An increased degree of safety prevents the occurrence of impermissibly high temperatures and arcs both inside and outside the enclosure. Firstly, materials to be used are subjected to special tests to determine the aging process characteristics. Then the impact test using 7Nm is executed. Subsequently the enclosure is tested for its ability to withstand penetration by water and dust (IP degree of protection). Increased safety fulfils certain specified criteria for clearance and creepage...

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Distributing and Controlling - 7

ENNEC II 2 G; EEx px IIC T4, Zone 1II 3 G; EEx pz IIC T4, Zone 2Class I, Zone 1, AEx px/pyClass I, Zone 2, AEx pzClass I or II, Div 1, Type X/Y Class I or II, Div 2, Type Z >

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Distributing and Controlling - 8

In order to support you in obtaining smooth and economical operation of your system, our productsare manufactured with a keen focus on lifecycle-costs۫ and low maintenance. The devices and components that we employ in our switchgear combinations meet the requirements of lowest maintenance design. When retrofitting or expanding systems, the most important criterion is short delivery time of the required components so that the plant can be put back in operation as quickly as possible. We are prepared in this regard with a modern logistics centre that can deliver quickly and an ex-press...

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Distributing and Controlling - 9

3 4 5 9 We support the training of your employees by hosting seminars relating to the basics of explosionprotection, maintenance and servicing, European directives, installation in hazardous areas, selection of electrical apparatus and much more. These events can be held in the training centre at R.STAHL or right on your site. Such training events ensure that the specialist knowledge of your employees always corresponds to the most current standards and directives. These seminars also provide us with valuable feedback and we, in turn, implement these insights immediately in the project...

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Distributing and Controlling - 10

Our support during system planning makes design of power distribution panels extremely simple.Tried-and-proven standard solutions are available up to 850A for main power distribution panels. Generally, systems with 160A, 200A, 400A and 630A are available for lighting and heating power distribution panels. We always take the country-specific installation norms into consideration and plan sufficiently sized terminal chambers to accommodate cable entry and wiring. Indirect cable glands and line entries can greatly reduce material costs and work times during installation of the devices. Short...

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Distributing and Controlling - 11

5 7 6 8 11 helps you to rapidly and professionally layout the lighting plan, to name just one example. We will gladly perform this engineering work for you and thereby free your time for other purposes. On the basis of this data, the power circuits are assigned to local power distribution panels. Our solutions are matched to the various zones and are suitable for all areas of application. Customer- specific documentation in universally readable file formats and on your own form templates saves you time since the system documentation is created for you. Should you need assistance with...

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Distributing and Controlling - 12

The space requirement of a control unit is an important criterion when considering its integrationin the machine. During the development of our systems we have always placed a great deal of importance on the full exploitation of available installation volumes in the enclosures. The experience garnered from engineering machine control units has led to compact solutions that can integrate the power supply and control units in switchgear combinations with extremely minimal volume requirements. Explosion protection type tests are executed by us with special consideration to fitting of...

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Distributing and Controlling - 13

5 6 7 8 9 13 all business areas of R.STAHL were able to be integrated in one single control unit. To accomplishthis, R.STAHL products using process & control technologies, HMI and electrical installation components were merged into one functional unit. Our control units thereby help to minimize the installation expenditure for your machines. Cooperation between R.STAHL and you is essential during selection of required components. To find the optimal solution for your application, custo- mer-specific adaptations to existing devices need to be performed. To find this ideal solution, the...

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