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Contactor Relay Series 8510 - 5 Pages

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Contactor Relay Series 8510

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> Screw fastening version - robust - vibration resistant - reliable > Corrosion resistant enclosure material > Easily accessible connection terminals enable - safe connection - einfaceasy installation > Modular technology - clear arrangement in the Ex e enclosure - flexibly expandable for system modifications E9 Explosion Protection Marking lECEx Europe (ATEX) Certificates lECEx Europe (ATEX) Further certificates Ex d e IIC, Ex d e I E II 2G Ex de [ia] IIC, I M2 Ex de I lECEx BVS 07.0029U DMT 00 ATEX E 073 U Canada (CSA), Belarus (Gospromnadzor) Components for System Solutions E9/1

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Selection Table Version    Circuit diagram    Rated operating voltage    Order number Contactor relay with 4 contacts    « 21 31 « Please refer to order number 8510/141-03-606-..0 supplement and add it to the type Order Number Supplement Rated operating    AC: 24 V, 50 / 60 Hz    |8510/...-..-...-01. * Preferred voltage E9/2 Components for System Solutions

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Contactor Relay Series 8510 E9 Selection Table Version Circuit diagram Rated operating voltage Order number Contactor relay with max. 7 contacts Please state with order Please refer to order number supplement and add it to the type Order Number Supplement Contacts Please state contact arrangement in text 7 NO Components for System Solutions

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Technical Data Electrical data Actuating voltage Coil voltage possible: AC    24 V Voltage range (< 50 °C) (coil) Operation range 0.8 ... 1.15 Uc 50 Hz Auxiliary contacts Rated operational voltage Ue Conventional thermal current Ith Frequency range Minimum switching capacity Short-circuit protection Max. operating cycles Average power consumption Mechanical life Ambient Conditions Ambient temperature Storage Operation at Uc Mechanical data Material Enclosure material Terminal cover Conductor cross-section Auxiliary contacts 10 A, gG; to IEC 947, VDE 0660 / IEC 60947 10 000 switching cycles...

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Contactor Relay Series 8510 E9 Dimension Drawings (All Dimensions in mm) - Subject to Alteration We reserve the right to make alterations to the technical data, dimensions, weights, designs and products available without notice. The illustrations cannot be considered binding. Components for System Solutions

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