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Cable glands

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2 The main focus of our business is on the safety of our customers during their day-to-day work. For over 80 years now, weve been leading the way in the explosion protection sector in achieving this goal. Development of explosion protected, electrical control devices and control units increased continuously and successfully as of 1926. Pioneering new developments and innovative products are the results of this success. R.STAHL specialists have been working actively for many years now in national and inter- national committees to define new standards and better safety regulations. R.STAHL...

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3 Spoilt for choice 5 Application guide 6 Exe cable glands 8 Exd cable glands 10 Triple certified 12 TRITON CDS 14 Accessories 16 >

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determine conditions of use, i.e.industrial, hazardous area. Before cable gland products can correctly be selected tosuit the users application, there are a number of variable factors that need to be determined. Without this infor- mation it is difficult to make an accurate selection or rec- ommendation. Some of these factors may include location, installation code of practice, environmental conditions, industrial or classified hazardous area, type of equipment and details of the cable to be used.Here are some general guidelines that may help to identifythe appropriate cable gland product...

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IEC cables Onshore Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals specific cable type single seal double seal compound barrier unarmoured A2F SS2K PXSS2K S.W.A. (single wire armour) CWe or C2K E1FW or E1FU PX2K L.C./S.W.A (lead sheathed and single wire armour) E2FW or E2FU PX2KPB A.W.A. (aluminium wire armour) CWe E1FW or E1FU PX2K A.S.A. (aluminium strip armour) C2K E1FU or T3CDS PX2K S.T.A. (steel tape armour) C2K E1FX/Z or E1FU PX2K L.C./S.T.A (lead sheathed and steel tape armour) E2FX/Z or E2FU PX2KPB L.C./GSWB (lead sheathed and braid armour) E2FX/Z or E2FU PX2KPB wire braid armour (SWB, GSWB, CWB, TCWB...

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5 R.STAHL offers electrical installation material and cable connecting solutions with a variety of approvals from internationally recognised certification bodies, including ATEX, IECEx and many others. R.STAHL, the market leader in explosion protected material, offers a range of cable glands for use with armoured and non-armoured cables, suitable for use in hazardous areas, classified under IEC 60079-10, in both metallic and non-metallic configurations. These cable glands have been designed and constructed in accordance with BS6121and EN50262, although the former established the more...

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2 Increased safety Exe metallic cable gland for onshore and offshore applications with metric threads for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 hazardous areas with all types of armoured cables. Series 8163 > 3 1 Increased safety Ex e bell mouthed cable glands are available in brass or plastic/aluminium with metric threads for use in Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 hazardous areas with all types of unarmoured cables. Because of their construction the cable glands are suitable for portable equipment. 8 Series HSK Series 8161 Increased safety Exe non metallic indoor and outdoor cable...

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4 5 9 > suitable for use with offshore and onshore cables, with outer seal Series 8161 > 1 3 Series 8163/2-C2K > 4 > Intrinsic safety (Exi) version available cable glands Exe for all types of armoured cable > incorporating internal deluge seal for arduous conditions > IP 66 > as single or multi-cable entry > reversible armour clamping cone and uni-fit clamping ring > integrated plug (accessory) for closing unused cable entries > suitable for use with onshore cables Series 8163/2-CWe > suitable for use with onshore cables Series HSK-MZ > IP 68 cable glands Exe for SWA cable with outer seal...

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> be substantially compact and circular (i.e. especiallythe part of the cable entering the enclosure) 10 > have an extruded bedding (without any gaps) > have fillers, if any are used, which are non-hygroscopic.Effectively, the cable must be assessed to verify its suitablity to prevent gas penetration and migration along its length, as well as its ability to prevent explosion transmission through the cable, before any cable gland with an elastomeric seal can be selected. Beyond this otherexceptions still exist. The IEC installation code of practice IEC 60079-14 is very clear about the...

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11 If the cable gland is not certified as part of the equipmentbut tested and certified as a separate component, and the used cable is substantially compact and circular the selection chart can be used > if the cable is not round, it is not possible to rely upon anelastomeric seal to perform a sealing function around the cable sheath. An example of a cable that fits this scenario is a twisted pair instrument cable where the insulated conductors beneath the inner cable bedding do notusually offer a round (circular) surface on which to seal.If the inner bedding follows the same shape, then an...

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The 8163/2 series hazardous area metallic cable glands are available for non-armoured, and all types of armoured and braided cables. They fulfil all of the requirements of the European ATEX-directives and fully comply with the latest IEC standards. 8163/2 series cable glands are available in single seal and double seal orientations, and the double seal cable glands incorporate a displacement seal on the cable inner bedding. Their modular design and wide cable acceptance range allows a broad variety of cables to be terminated in a single cable gland without the need for alternative seals or...

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inner seal housingbody and outer seal housingreversiblearmour coneuni-fit armour clamping ring > incorporating internal deluge seal for arduous conditions Series 8163/2-T3CDS (offshore and onshore)Exd, Exe and ExnR for all types of armoured cables with inner and outer seal > > reversible armour clamping cone and uni-fit clamping ring ensuring right first time cable termination > unique compensating displacement seal (CDS) system used on the cable inner bedding 13 Series 8163/2-PXSS2K (offshore and onshore)Compound barrier glands Exd and Exe for all types of unarmoured cables Series...

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