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The basics of dust-explosion protection - 32 Pages

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The basics of dust-explosion protection

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R.STAHL Explosion protection >

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1 > Dust as a Risk Factor Definitions and Characteristics Legal Basis and Standards4Dust Explosion Protection Measures5Classification of Dust Explosion Hazardous Areas into Zones6Dust Types of Protection7Equipment Selection8Installation and MaintenanceProduct Overview 4610 12 141622 2830 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 > R.STAHL Explosion protection size="-2">

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Figure2: Ignition Sources of Dust Explosions Types of Dusts Involved in Dust Explosions R.STAHL Explosion protection Figure3: >

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Figure 5: Modified Hartmann Tube R.STAHL Explosion protection >

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12 4. Dust Explosion Protection Measures4.1 Preventive (Primary) Explosion Protectionby Avoiding an Explosive Atmosphere 4.2 Preventive Explosion Protection by Avoiding Effective Ignition Sources This measure prevents the hazardous explosiveatmosphere from being ignited. This can be achieved by: > Analysing potential ignition sources > Determining the necessary extent of protective measures The complexity of the processes that can lead to a dust explosion means that it is extremely difficult to assess the actual risks in dealing with explosive dust/air mixtures. This makes explosion...

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Table8: Housekeeping and Explosion Hazard Level of Thickness ofDuration of PresenceFire or HousekeepingDust Layerof a Dust LayerExplosion Riskgoodzero ornot presentnonenegligible fairnot negligibleshorter than thenonelength of 1 shiftpoor not negligiblelonger than the fire hazard and length of 1 shiftZone 22 if cloudsare created > Figure6: Example of the Classification into Dust Explosion Hazardous Areas According to IEC 61241-10 > Zone 20Inside the hopper of a bag emptying stationZone 21Immediate surround-ings (radius of 1m) around the manholeZone 22Area outside Zone 21due to accumulatios...

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The dust type of protection mDӔ in accordancewith IEC61241-18is to be based primarily on type of protection mӔ according to IEC60079-18, which is currently being revised.Further proceedings on the draft of IEC61241-18will therefore be determined by the development of the new IEC60079-18. > Temperature limits on all outer surfaces of apparatus or their parts whose power limits exceed the operational limits required in IEC61241-11. The surface may consist of an enclosure or an encapsulation.Workis continuing on the standard for the intrinsicsafety iDӔ ignition protection type, therefore we...

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28 > > Cables with thermoplastic or elastomeric wireinsulation, screened or armoured cable and an outer sheath of PVC(poly-vinylchloride), PCP (polychloroprene rubber), or a similar material. Cables with a seamless aluminium sheath withor without armouring. 8. Installation and Maintenance > Mineral-insulated cables with metal sheath. Cabel installation Note: > When cables are externally provided with protection, or when there is no danger of me- chanical damage, cables with thermoplastic or elastomeric insulation and a sheath of PVC, PCP, or a similar material are permitted. These cables...

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30 > Some Examples of Dust Explosion Protected Products 9. Product Overview > Luminaire Series 6600and 6608, Compact Luminaire 6100 and 6108 > R.STAHL has a fully certified product range for dust hazardous areas in your installation. Wetakedust explosion protection just as seriously as gas explosion protection. We can offer you a specially adapted solution for almost every application. At a minimum, all dust explosion protection products comply with the regulations of Group 3D; that is, they can be used in Zone 22 (non-conductive dusts). The following equipment series and systems...

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31 Your Safety Our Reality If your installation is faced with the risk of a dustexplosion, R.STAHLoffers the expertise you need.R.STAHL has decades of experience in the field ofelectrical explosion protection. We will be glad to help you solve your safetyproblems. In addition to a comprehensive range of electrical equipment, we offer you expert advice and training in the dust explosion protection field.Get in touch with us. You will find a downloadable list of our dustexplosion protection products in PDFform at: > R.STAHL Explosion protection size="-1">

 Open the catalog to page 31 R.STAHLAm Bahnhof 30, 74638 Waldenburg, Germany Phone +49 7942 943-0 Fax +49 7942 943-4333 > ID-NR. 00 006 84 77 0S-PB-dustex-01-en-05/2008 Printed in the Federal Republic of Germany size="-1">

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