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REMOTE HMI V5 Industrial-Grade Thin Client Firmware

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REMOTE HMI V5 STATE-OF-THE-ART THIN CLIENT FIRMWARE FOR ALL R. STAHL DEVICE PLATFORMS The new Remote HMI V5 firmware opens a new chapter for the future of modern process visualisation. This ground-breaking firmware enables our customers to realise current and future operating and monitoring trends for the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), “Automation in the Cloud“ and “Modular Automation“. Our V5 Remote HMI firmware boasts unparalleled performance and the most reliable Thin Client operating system. Designed as a closed system running on Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise, the remote firmware...

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WORKS PERFECTLY WITH EVERY CONTROL SYSTEM VVISUALISED SERVERS AND WORKSTATIONS Redundant virtual network Hazardous and safe areas Thin Clients REDUNDANCY • Support of dual Ethernet and switch to dual host COMMUNICATION • Flexible access from one operating station to one or several virtual or real workstations in one network • Support of the latest RDP and VNC protocols VIRTUALISIERUNG UND VIRTUALISATION AND “AUTOMATION „AUTOMATION IN THE CLOUD“ IN THE CLOUD“ • Support of real and virtual workstations, servers and automation systems WIFI • Support of TCP/IP via WLAN / WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz...

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• No access to Windows shell for users. • Different user passwords and administrator passwords BASED ON WINDOWS 10 IOT ENTERPRISE LTSB • Long-term support (10 years by Microsoft) • Microsoft: No feature updates WRITE PROTECTION FOR SSD • The Unified Write Filter (UWF) ensures that during operations nothing can be written onto the SSD, meaning that no user or hacker-attack can corrupt the device image CUSTOMISED SECURITY CONCEPTS • Support of all virus scanners and security certificates SIMPLE V infkvmitHHi Sywren 5 FUwcrfc ^ AjLOtU. CcjHiiid a Uj*r lrtfd*c p UJ ^ooofctwni rei &H3H* m    □...

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FLEXIBLE OPTIMUM OPERATION ON EVERY SIZE OF DISPLAY • • • • Adjustable layout for all display sizes from 800 x 600 to 4K Support of portrait and landscape mode Multilingual virtual keyboards Adjustable width of settings menu FUTURE-PROOF WINDOWS IOT ENTERPRISE • Long-term Servicing Branch • Security updates for 10 years • Integrated write filter protecting the operating system and the Remote HMI firmware • USB filter limits the use of USB to approved devices • Blocked hotkeys prevent unintended access to system functions • Latest Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), 10.2, compatible with older

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HIGHLIGHTS Dashboard    Address Book    Applications    Networks 0 ERP Console DCS Engineering Stetson 1 ISView Information ^?) DCS Engineering Station 2 Miner Station 22 Dale & time Settings Calibrate louchscreen Anonymous Operator Touchscreen Rigrrcdick Clean Display

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ADDRESS BOOK • Simple, intuitive switching between workstation and servers • Parameterising of primary connections • Display of availability of workstations and servers INTUITIVE APP CONCEPT • Simple start-up of parameterised applications in kiosk mode • Users cannot access Windows level • Examples: Citrix, DRDC, web browser, CCTV app, ERP system and many more USER-FRIENDLY BASIC SETTING • Touchscreen calibration • Brightness adjustment • Parameterisation of the right mouse-click • Deactivation of all input devices for cleaning purposes NETWORK DIAGNOSIS • Immediately available status...

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The address book provides a clearly laid-out, uniform and central configuration for all supported connection types. The input can be sorted via drag & drop, thus providing overview of all available PCs and servers in the network to which a connection can be established via RDP or VNC. Oasn board Address Book 03 ERP Console Connection Settings Changed ERP Console Hotkey Ctrl Login User Name Andrew Logm Password Auto Disconnect CLEARLY LAID-OUT DISPLAY OF CONNECTIONS • Connection name and status • IP address • Protocol SIMPLE ESTABLISHMENT OF CONNECTIONS • Connection name • IP address •...

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The system settings provide compact access to all parameters and functions that are required for flexible use of the system. Here, you can adjust network and security settings, select keyboard layout and display resolution, specify passwords for user administration, configure the keyboard wedge for barcode scanners and many other features. Further options include carrying out a system update via the network or a USB stick, and the export and import of the system configuration. Address Book System & Network Changed System & NetwO* Q Maintenance Security Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise...

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BARCODE SCANNER Many areas of the process industry make use of barcode reader systems for efficient, foolproof and traceable data input, for example for requirements according to FDA and GAMP. As an option, all Thin Client operating stations can be equipped with barcode scanners, either wired or wireless. • The Remote HMI V5 firmware makes the transmission of barcode data to the workstation extremely easy - due to an integrated keyboard wedge. A distinct and secure user log-on to control systems is increasingly required. An efficient way of doing this is the use of personalised RFID cards...

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GLOBAL SERVICE We cannot be everywhere. But we can help you wherever you are. Using modern means of communication such as video telephony or the chat function, we will present and discuss possible system solutions with you. Our support team will help you with questions concerning commissioning and system configuration. TECHNICAL SUPPORT R. STAHL Am Bahnhof 30 74638 Waldenburg, Germany T +49 221 768 065 000

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