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HMIs for the Process Industry for hazardous & industrial areas

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R. STAHL HMI Systems the right operator interface terminal for each application Wide Product Portfolio Interfaces to distributed control systems (DCS), such as PCS 7, DeltaV, 800xA, Experion, Centum, Freelance, Proficy, Citect, etc.

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Communicates with PLC brands, such as Siemens, Rockwell, Schneider, Omron, ABB, Beckhoff, B&R, Mitsubishi, Yokogawa, etc.

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4 reasons why R. STAHL HMI systems make the difference: widest all range of HMIs (5" – 24"WU displays) current communications technologies in-house developed Remote HMI Firmware for enhanced data security and user comfort more than 80 years of expertise in explosion protection

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Technologies Overview DCS connections digital transmission Thin Client Systems ÎÎ Latest remote access technologies access from HMI to PCs or virtual PCs data management and security management ÎÎ Remote data security

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PLC connections Panel PC Systems ÎÎ Intel®Atom™ ÎÎ Multi-lingual Windows operating systems Operator Interface EAGLE ÎÎ Security-enhanced ÎÎ Multi-lingual with own operating system machine terminal pre-installed SPSPlusWIN software Operator Interface SERIES 200 ÎÎ Brilliant Embedded Compact 7 and Movicon Runtime Embedded Compact 7 and SPSPlus Runtime Embedded Compact 7 for third-party software

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KVM system with digital transmission technology delivers best picture quality The classic KVM system consists of an operator terminal and a KVM box. The KVM box extends the transmission distance of VGA interfaces / DVIs, or keyboard and mouse interfaces of up to 500 m (copper), or 10,000 m (LWL) to the operator terminal on site – in the hazardous area or industrial production environment. The new KVM box DVI3 has been developed in-house by R. STAHL HMI and specifically designed for use in the process industries. It allows for transmission of all current resolutions to the on-site area –...

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Technical Data Ex certificates ATEX, IECEx, GOST-R Front panel mounting LED technology Service life 50,000 at +20 °C Function keys at display External keyboard Yes (optional); 107 keys with trackball / joystick / mouse / touchpad (Ex ia) Data transmission / cable lengths Copper: up to 150 m (500 m optional) LWL: Multi-mode up to 500 m / single-mode up to 10 km 1 x data (Ex e), or LWL (Ex op is) 2 x USB (Ex ia) 1 x USB (Ex e) 2 x USB (Ex ia) (keyboard, pointing device) 1 x RS-232 (Ex e) Optional interfaces: 1 x ReaderBox for card reader / barcode scanner WLAN via USB (Ex e) Power supply...

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SERIES 500 Thin Clients HMI Firmware for enhanced system security access from any operator terminal to one / multiple PCs ÎÎ Cost-effective hardware, centralized data management Our Thin Clients are available in display sizes ranging from 15" up to 24"WU. All operator terminals and components are designed as panel-mount modules, and install easily either into existing cabinets, or in our high-quality FR, and CFR enclosures; wall mounting is also possible. The KVM-over-IP system has been specifically designed for network applications that realize single, network-capable point-to-point...

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Technical Data Ex certificates ATEX, IECEx, GOST-R; NEC/UL, CEC/CSA, INMETRO, CNEX, DNV, LR Front panel mounting LED technology Service life 50,000 at +20 °C Function keys at display External keyboard Yes (optional); 107 keys with trackball / joystick / mouse / touchpad (Ex ia) Operating system / firmware Remote HMI Firmware based on Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Closed, secure Thin Client system 1 x Ethernet 10/100Base-TX (Ex e), or LWL 1000BASE-SX, 1000 Mbit (Ex op is) 2 x USB (Ex ia) 1 x USB (Ex e) 2 x USB (Ex ia) (keyboard, pointing device) 1 x RS-232 (Ex e) 1 x Audio line out (Ex e)...

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Thin Client Systems in virtual environments The process industries' demand for modern network technologies, virtual machines, and Thin Clients keeps growing. The main advantages of these technologies are: cost-effectiveness, centralized data and security management, and a high level of flexibility for remote access. Mobile operators working on-site in the hazardous area can flexibly access any PC, server, or virtual machine from the Thin Client operator terminal, thus providing comprehensive information, and resulting in highly effective operator control and information management. The...

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Fundamental advantages of virtual environments: ÎÎ High level of flexibility, remote access to different kinds of machines machines are completely hardware independent machines can run different kinds of operating systems in parallel on one single virtualization software virtual machines can be added by creating a new VMware session virtual machine can easily be replaced while running security thanks to remote access and centralized hardware management security management on server for enhanced threat and data protection acquisition and maintenance costs Overview Virtual Systems SINGLE VM...

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Thin Client Systems with REMOTE HMI FIRMWARE The REMOTE HMI FIRMWARE has been developed by our in-house software experts with focus on secure data communications and enhanced usability. Over the years and in close cooperation with manufacturers from different industries, the REMOTE HMI FIRMWARE has been continuously further developed to offer today's wide range of features. The REMOTE HMI FIRMWARE represents the state of the art in comfortable and highly secure data communications in industrial networks. Basic Functions ÎÎ Closed system design - High degree of protection against external...

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Configuration Menu screen calibration brightness adjustment ÎÎ Right-click ÎÎ Operator ÎÎ Access input block details of address book input fields management via system console to integrated offline help / manual Address Book Network Settings input switch network scanner configuration available Support Center Online Help MAC address retrieved from scanner

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